Krusigrama: Mga Salitang Pambalarila

The 3-page pdf file below is a crossword on the grammatical terms in Filipino such as pangngalan, pandiwa, pangungusap, etc. The blank crossword is on the first page. The clues are on the second page. The third page is the crossword with the answers. The pencil illustration is by samutsamot_mom.

This crossword is appropriate for sixth graders. It may serve as a review for the previous topics learned.

You may print the file and distribute it to your students or children, but you may not do so for profit.

Click on the link below to open the file in another tab.

Krusigrama Salitang Pambalarila



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  1. Princess

    thank you po sa activity na ito. gustong-gusto ng mga grade 3 learners ko kapag krusigrama ang activity nila tuwing vacant. salamat po ng marami, God bless po sa inyo

    1. samutsamotmom

      Thank you for your feedback! I’m glad your students liked the activity.

  2. ruby

    Love the Krusigrama-salitang magkasalungat. My students enjoyed answering it. Hope to find more activity sheets in other Filipino 6 lessons. Thanks a lot!

  3. Eula Moneva

    it is very useful. . .

  4. Juvy

    I love this site. My eldest son has difficulties in Filipino. He will be grade 1 on June. Do you have lessons in identifying objects? I have to start him from the very basic since he really doesn’t understand Filipino.

    1. samutsamot_mom

      Hi, Juvy! You may click on the Tag “Filipino worksheets for preschool” on the right panel. There are worksheets that may help your son. The best way to get him ready is to talk to him in Filipino and watch Filipino age-appropriate programs or educational programs with him. Exposure is key!

  5. Ginang CJ

    Thank you for this! I would like to teach this to them first before I give them the krusigrama. Do you have it in Word form or powerpoint? Thank you in advance.

  6. Cristina Lazona

    It really helps me in my activity lesson. Thanks.

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