Bagong Kuwento: Ang Tatlong Pagsubok

I just added a new story under the Resources menu above and under the sub-menu Mga Kuwento. It is a short story titled "Ang Tatlong Pagsubok". The story is adapted from "The Queen Bee", written by the Grimm Brothers. I translated the story to Filipino and changed a few details. This resource is an 8-page PDF file. The first two pages have the Terms of Use. The next four pages have the Filipino story and the last two pages have 10 multiple-choice questions about the story. If you download this PDF file, it is understood that you have agreed to abide by the Terms of Use indicated in the main menu of this blog. The resource is for personal and classroom use only (for face-to-face or online classes). Commercial use (selling for profit), mass distribution, and mass presentation are not allowed. Uploading the file anywhere in the Internet is not…

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New Video Poems

Since lockdowns have been imposed and classes are conducted online, I've seen fewer people and kids in bookstores. So I've made a couple of my poems into short videos (mp4). In my TeachersPayTeachers store Oliotopia, I recently posted two new products. The Kaya Ko Video Poem is 2:32 minutes long, featuring my short poem Kaya Ko. Background music plays in one version but there are no reading voices because it is meant to be read aloud by the teacher/parent or read silently by the learner. This short video can be used by teachers as an introductory or motivational activity for a lesson on verbs during an online class. It can also be used for practice reading in Filipino. The other product, Ang Bata sa Tula, is a mini-ebook and video of a collection of 10 silly four-line Filipino poems about children. The product features PDF file versions and an mp4…

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Listahan ng mga Karaniwang Salita

Below is a PDF file that lists 150 common Filipino words that would be most frequently encountered by learners reading Filipino reading materials. The words are presented in 15 lists (10 words per list) and ranked by frequency. It was loosely based on the Dolch Sight Words and Fry Sight Words for English words. I have removed the common nouns and color words that were included in those lists to be able to add the more frequently used Filipino words. Though I tried to keep related Filipino words together, I had to consider the frequency of certain words. So words that you think are related (Filipino pronouns, for example) are not all listed in the same list. Each page has 3 lists and each list has 10 words. You can cut the page along the dashed lines to have 3 lists. You also need to cut off both left and…

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Beginning Readers of Filipino (Part 2)

Below is another booklet for beginning readers of Filipino. This one is about the members of a family. If you want the instructions on how to assemble the booklet, you can view it here. Please read the Terms of Use on the first two pages of the PDF file. If you download this file, it is understood that you agree to abide by the Terms of Use. You may not upload the PDF file in another website (like Scribd) or share it with others as an attachment in an email. Please just give them the link to this post. The clip art images in this PDF file are by Kari Bolt. Click the logo below to go to her online shop at Click the title below to open the PDF file in another tab. Once you've downloaded the PDF file, open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader. From there you…

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Magbasa Tayo!: Maikling Talata

Here are three reading comprehension exercises in Filipino for primary grade students. Each exercise has a short and simple paragraph and six multiple-choice questions. Please read the Terms of Use in the PDF file. Downloading the file means you agree to abide by the Terms of Use. To print the downloaded PDF file, open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Select the letter paper size and in the Print window, select the option Fit. Click on the title below to open the PDF file in another tab. From there, you can download the file. Maikling-Talata_Maya-Ayla-Gino

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