Hello! Kumusta? (That’s “How are you?” in Filipino.)

Welcome to Samut-samot! Samut-samot is a Filipino noun that refers to a mixture or a collection of varied things. It can also be used as a Filipino adjective to describe such a collection.

In this site, you’ll find various free educational resources for Filipino students, parents, and educators—or anyone who’d like to learn the Filipino language. Samut-samot’s primary purpose is to share homemade worksheets and teaching materials in Filipino.

Samut-samot is managed by former teacher and homeschooling Filipino mom Pia. She started blogging in 2012 to share the worksheets she made for her daughter while they were homeschooling. She also shares original short stories and poems in Filipino.

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Hello, Ms. Pia. Thank you so much for your generosity, effort, and love for teaching. I deeply appreciate that you share your works to the public for free. Your explanations and worksheets are absolutely helpful.
I have a 9-year-old daughter whose main language is English (but she also speaks and understands Filipino a little). Her scores and grades in her Filipino subject are incredible. But when I found your website and learned the lessons myself, she was able to understand the lessons as well. So, big thanks to you! I hope you will be given more strength, knowledge, patience, and wisdom to continue your passion. You are a blessing to us moms. 🙂


Thank you so much for your worksheets. I always use these for my daughter. She’s graduating valedictorian, by the way. Your worksheets helped us a lot for her to be valedictorian, it made us understand the subjects easier and better. It made my life so much easier! Thank you for taking the time to do these worksheets. God bless you always!


Thank you so much for all your work to putting together and sharing these Tagalog worksheets. As an American living in the Pinas trying to expose and teach my children Tagalog, finding your blog has been such a treasure! Maraming salamat po!

Cindy da Kana

Thank you samutsamot_mom for sharing your worksheets with us. I am homeschooler parent here in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. My son is in grade 4 now and it is our second year of homeschooling. He doesn’t know the Filipino language when we started homeschooling him and this helps him a lot especially the Filipino worksheets. Thanks again for your generosity and God bless you.


Thank you very much for sharing this with all of us. It has been very difficult to find home tutorial materials for Filipino for my children. In behalf of all parents out there, thank you so much. There should be more individuals like you, I salute you! We should all take our part in using the internet as a sharing tool, not just a snooping around one. 🙂 You are one of our unsung heroes. Thank you for your “malasakit”. We should all take time and give to others, too. 🙂 Isa kang huwarang nilalang! Dapat kang tularan! Maraming salamat po sa inyo!


Ako ay lubos na nagagalak sa napakagaganda at mataas na qualidad na mga worksheets sa iyong website. Ako ay naniniwala na tayong mga nanay ay iisa lamang ang mithi para sa ating mga anak at ito ay mapabuti at mapayabong ang buhay nila at ang edukasyon ang pangunahing daan patungo rito kasabay ng isang malalim na pagmamahal sa bayan. Mabuhay ka!


Your wonderful blog and all this material that you have taken the time to put together and share is such a great blessing!!!!! Your great efforts and willingness to generously share the materials you took the time to create for your own child is such an amazing thing. Just want to let you know that someone in the UK is also very very appreciative of what you have done! Maraming salamat po!!


Hi, Samutsamot Mom! Maraming maraming salamat sa mga sagutang-papel para sa mga pre-schoolers 🙂 Malaking tulong po ito sa pagtuturo ng wikang Filipino sa aking anak na limang taong gulang. We’re raising him as a multilingual (he has to learn Icelandic and English at school and with friends while he learns Spanish and Filipino at home and with relatives). It’s going great. I’m also recommending your website to Filipino parents here in Iceland. The schools here are very open about encouraging foreign parents to use their mother tongue with their children so they’d be balanced bilinguals.


I stumbled upon your site while helping my son with his Filipino homework on the parts of the body. Google search delivered me here, and I have to tell you: I could barely resist the urge to jump up and down, blow trumpets and throw confetti in the air… Finally! A classy, informative, educational site dedicated to those who need to learn Filipino, and with well-made worksheets: I couldn’t ask for more! It’s a dream come true! (And a relief, as I used to have to create my own to help my kids learn their Filipino lessons). A huge grateful hug to you for sharing your hard work so generously! Thanks so much and keep up the awesome stuff you’re doing! 🙂


Hi, Samutsamot_mom! I want to thank you for sharing your worksheets with other moms and teachers. It is indeed a great help for us. I too am a teacher and was able to work as a Filipino teacher in a Philippine international school here in Riyadh. I do worksheets too for my pupils because the subject is really hard for them especially that they are mostly children of expats working here in Riyadh. Thank you so much for your generosity. Will really share it with other moms and teachers here. I’ll ask them to visit your blog. God bless!!!!

Marianne Ponce