Reading short stories is a great way to practice reading comprehension. Below are links to posts with original stories in Filipino or stories that have been translated to Filipino.

Clicking on a link will open the post in another tab. Some stories have questions for students to answer. Downloading the stories means that you abide by the Terms of Use.

Maikling Kuwento: Ang Pagbabahin ni Pabling

Maikling Kuwento: Ang Utos ni Nanay

Pabula: Ang Pangako ni Lolo Pedro

Pabula: Ang Sikmura at mga Bahagi ng Katawan

Parabula: Ang Mabuting Samaritano

Parabula: Ang Parabula ng mga Posporo

Parable: The Parable of the Matchsticks

Mitolohiyang Griyego: Si Pyramus at si Thisbe