Translating Past Tense Verbs in English to Filipino

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Filipino teacher. Filipino is not my first language. The content of this post is based on my personal experience and what I have researched on the topic. If you find any errors in the information provided here or in the translations that I have made, let me know by leaving a comment or contacting me by using the contact form above. I would be happy to make any changes, if necessary. This is a discussion post. It does not have a worksheet at the end. The clipart used in this post is by Little Red. In English, there are verbs of being or “to be” verbs and these have different forms that depend on the tense and on whether the subject is singular or plural. The table below shows the positive “to be” verbs. It is claimed that the Filipino language does not have  “to…

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2022 Samut-samot & Oliotopia 50-50

In celebration of my turning half a century old this year, I’m posting a new product in my Samut-samot store. (Click the menu item STORE above, then select Special Products). The Samut-samot & Oliotopia 50-50 is a 50-page compilation of worksheets and activities. It consists of sample pages from the products in my Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) store Oliotopia, as well as totally new worksheets. The product is comprised of 5 printable PDF files: 11 pages of math worksheets, 5 pages of shapes worksheets, 18 pages of writing activities, 6 pages of reading activities, and 10 pages of various activities. You can view most of the pages in the previews below, although not all 50 pages are shown. A few math worksheets have English instructions, otherwise all the other instructions and text are in Filipino. The pages are in black and white and are designed to be printed on letter-sized/short paper (8.5” x…

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Two Reading Passages Posted

I have just posted two short one-page reading passages. Click Resources on the main menu and select Reading Passages. At the end of that list are two new titles: Ang Aking Unang Kaibigan and Ang Lobo ni Lisa. These practice reading exercises include a few multiple choice questions at the end. Each file is a PDF file with the first two pages for the Terms of Use and Credits. The activity is on the last page. It is designed to be printed on short or letter-sized paper. If you download the files, it is understood that you agree to abide by the Terms of Use of this blog and those indicated in the PDF file. You need an application that can open PDF files to be able to print the activity. Here's what it looks like: You may also click the link below to download the files. Happy reading! Ang…

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New Services Launched: Verbatima

Are you looking for someone to translate a document, a video file, or an audio file from English to Filipino or from Filipino to English? Need to add subtitles to your videos? I have launched a set of document services offered to educators and trainers under the name Verbatima. You can view the details here. If you have any inquiries, feel free to send me an email at or

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Maikling Kuwento para sa Araw ng mga Puso

Happy Valentine's Day in advance to all my subscribers! As a Valentine gift, here's a short story (titled "Ang mga Bulaklak ni Emma") that you may read to your children or students for Valentine's Day (Araw ng mga Puso). There are also 10 multiple choice questions at the end of it. I wrote this short story months ago but changed it to make it more appropriate for the coming occasion. The PDF file 13 MB in size and is not a printable. It is for on-screen viewing only. You would need an application that can display PDF files. If you download the PDF file, it is understood that you agree to abide by the Terms of Use included in the file and those on this website (see the top menu item Terms of Use). Commercial use and mass distribution are prohibited. Altering, copying, or extracting elements from the file, and…

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