Pang-abay Worksheets for Grade 1

Someone recently requested for worksheets on pang-abay (adverb in Filipino) for Grade 1 students. I looked at a couple of Filipino textbooks and found that the word pang-abay is not introduced in Grade 1 (correct me if I’m mistaken). The terms salitang panlunan and salitang pamanahon are used to indicate adverbs of place and adverbs of time, respectively.

I made three worksheets on salitang panlunan and salitang pamanahon. The links to the PDF files are below. I also made a worksheet on identifying adverbs in a sentence (bilugan ang pang-abay).

Please read the Terms of Use below:

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Here are the links to the worksheets:

Salitang Panlunan

Salitang Pamanahon

Bilugan ang Pang-abay



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  1. Minda Cajimat

    Maraming salamat po, malaking tulong po ito para sa aking pagtuturo. God bless po.

  2. thank you to Samut -samot malaking tulong po ito sa akin.. God Bless po sa inyo.. mabuhay po kayo

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