Pang-angkop Worksheets (Part 2)

The three pdf worksheets below are about Filipino linkers or pang-angkop. Each worksheet has 15 items. In each worksheet, the student is asked to link two given words with the appropriate linker.

You may print and distribute them to your children or students, but please do not do so for profit.

1. Paggamit ng Pang-angkop_1; Mga sagot sa Paggamit ng Pang-angkop_1

2. Paggamit ng Pang-angkop_2; Mga sagot sa Paggamit ng Pang-angkop_2

3. Paggamit ng Pang-angkop_3; Mga sagot sa Paggamit ng Pang-angkop_3

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  1. Ruth N. Buscato

    Maraming salamat po sa mga worksheets sa Filipino!

  2. Kris

    Hello, again, Hope you dont get tired of helping us. This website is a treasure. I just want to ask if may lessons kayo on affixes, like -UM-, -IN, I, -AN. Like actor, object, beneficiary, etc focuses of sentences. Salamat.

    1. samutsamot_mom

      Hi, Kris! I don’t have lessons on panlapi but please type the word “panlapi” in the Search box and a few posts will appear with panlapi worksheets. In my previous post “Useful Lists” there is a pdf file with a list of Filipino affixed words. I’m sorry I don’t have worksheets on the focus of sentences. Do you mean to say “focus of the verb” (pokus ng pandiwa)? I don’t have a post about this topic but I do have a post entitled “Kaganapan ng Pandiwa” (complement of the verb). I hope this helps.

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