Pang-uri Worksheets (Part 3)

The two free pdf worksheets below are about Filipino adjectives (pang-uri).  You may download, print, and photocopy them for your students or children.  Be a nice person by not copying any portion of the worksheets and/or distributing them for profit.  Please see my previous posts on pang-uri here and here.

1.  Pagtukoy ng Uri ng Pang-uri_1 ; Mga sagot sa Pagtukoy ng Uri ng Pang-uri_1 :  This 20-item worksheet asks the student to classify the underlined adjective in the sentence as a descriptive adjective (pang-uring panlarawan), a cardinal adjective (pang-uring pamilang), or as an ordinal adjective (pang-uring panunuran).

2.  Pagbigay ng Angkop na Pang-uring Pamilang_1 ; Mga sagot sa Pagbigay ng Angkop na Pang-uring Pamilang_1 :  This 20-item worksheet asks the student to fill in the blank in a sentence with a cardinal adjective or ordinal adjective to make the statement true.

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