Mga Ordinal Worksheets

The two sets of worksheets below are about the Filipino words for the ordinal numbers from first (una) to tenth (pansampu/ikasampu).

The first page of the PDF file contains its Terms of Use. Downloading the PDF file means you agree to abide by these terms. The clip art images and fonts used in this product are owned by the artists mentioned in the Credits Page of the PDF file.

The clip art images used in this product are by Little Red’s Schoolhouse and Kari BoltClick on the link below, not the image, to open the PDF file in a new tab.

UPDATE: Someone commented that the PDF file below has no instructions on where to start counting (from the left or from the right).

Mga Ordinal_1

So I have edited the worksheets to include the phrase “mula sa kaliwa” or “mula sa kanan” in the instructions. (Thanks, Hysper!)

Mga Ordinal_1_kanan_kaliwa

In the worksheets below, students are asked to answer questions about the ordinal position of animals and students in a line. Click on the link below, not the images, to open the PDF file in a new tab.

Mga Ordinal_2


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  1. hysper lapid

    hi! maraming salamat samutsamot mom sa napakalaking tulong na dulot ng mga worksheets po ninyo. Suggest ko lang po na kapag ordinal numbers ang pinag-uusapan kailangan po natin sabihin saan ang orientation ng simula. For pictures like the turtle that show where the heads are “looking” that indicates the front, no prob but for groups that don’t we need to specify – third balloon from the right, second bag from the left.
    Many thanks!

    1. samutsamot_mom

      Thanks for your suggestion, Hysper! I’ve edited the worksheets and added your suggestion to the instructions. Please check out the other version of the worksheets in the updated post.

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