Terms of Use of Printable Materials

Samut-samot allows its visitors to download various educational materials (e.g., worksheets, activity pages, lesson sheets, reference materials, graphic images, etc.) for personal, home, and multi-classroom use. When visitors, users, or clients download an educational material (indicated as ‘printable material’ below) from Samut-samot, it is understood that they agree to abide to the Terms of Use indicated below.

In the Terms of Use below, the term ‘printable material’ refers to the digital version (soft copy) of the educational material.


  • Users are not granted copyrights. Unless otherwise stated, the text in the printable material remains the intellectual property of the owner of the website.
  • Where applicable, the clip art images and fonts remain the intellectual property of the artists given credit in the Credits Page of the printable material.
  • If there is no Credit Page in the printable material, it is understood that the owner of the website owns the copyright to the text and images in the printed material.
  • Some images in a printable material may be public domain. In such cases, no attribution is required and commercial use by Samut-samot is allowed.

Non-commercial Use

  • Users may not resell the printable material, copy or alter it, and claim it as their own, or use it to create derivative works which would infringe on intellectual copyrights.
  • Users of the printable material are permitted to print and photocopy its pages for personal use, home use, multi-classroom use, or use in educational environments with the condition that the website address (samutsamot.com) is not covered, removed, or modified.
  • Users of the printable material may not sell its printed pages or pages reproduced from photocopying or other processes for profit or for any commercial use.
  • Unauthorized use of the printed materials may give rise to a claim for damages and/or be a criminal offense.


  • Users of the printable material are granted a single and nontransferable license to use it. They are prohibited from giving it or a digital copy of it to someone else for free, for sale, or for any commercial purpose. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, electronic file transfers such as email attachments or sharing through a website, cloud, or network.
  • Users of this printable material are prohibited from uploading it or any part of it onto any other website such as, but not limited, to Scribd or SlideShare, or any cloud storage or file sharing sites such as, but not limited to, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Mega, or pCloud, where third parties can download the product. The artists given credit in the Credits Page own the copyrights to the clip art images and/or fonts in the product. Uploading the printable material or any part of it in another website is also an infringement of their copyrights.
  • Sharing the printable material with others (such as teachers or parents) is prohibited. However, sharing with your spouse is allowed. Please provide a link to the website instead.
  • Users of this printable material may provide a direct link to the blog https://samutsamot.com/ if they are reviewing the printed material or recommending it through social media websites.


  • Users of this printable material may copy and store this product in another device that is theirs for personal and private use. A third party must not be able to access the printable material.
  • For paid printable materials, Samut-samot and the author or authors cannot be held responsible for the loss, accidental deletion, or damage of the product after its initial receipt through email.

Questions regarding the allowable use of the printable materials from this website should be emailed to samutsamot.mom (@) gmail.com or pia (@) samutsamot.com.

This ‘Terms of Use’ document was last reviewed or modified on December 7, 2018.