Pang-abay Worksheets (Part 1)

The four free pdf worksheets below are about Filipino adverbs (pang-abay).  If you are going to use the worksheets for your students or children, you may download, print, and photocopy them.  Please do not copy or distribute them for profit.

1.  Pagkilala sa Pang-abay_1Mga sagot sa Pagkilala sa Pang-abay_1 : This 20-item worksheet asks the student to underline the adverb in each sentence and draw an arrow from the adverb to the word it describes.

2.  Pagkilala sa Pang-abay_2Mga sagot sa Pagkilala sa Pang-abay_2 : This 20-item worksheet asks the student to underline the adverb or adverb phrase (pariralang pang-abay) in the sentence.

3.  Pagkilala sa Pang-abay_3Mga sagot sa Pagkilala sa Pang-abay_3 : This 20-item worksheet asks the student to determine whether the underlined word is used as an adjective (pang-uri) or as an adverb (pang-abay) in the sentence.

4.  Pagtukoy ng Uri ng Pang-abay_1Mga sagot sa Pagtukoy ng Uri ng Pang-abay_1 :  This 20-item worksheet asks the student to classify the underlined adverb or adverb phrase as an adverb of manner (pang-abay na pamaraan), adverb of time (pang-abay na pamanahon), or an adverb of place (pang-abay na panlunan).

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  1. Nina

    Good day to the person behind samut-samot! Thank you for sharing your worksheets especially the reading texts in Filipino. I use these worksheet in enhancing the reading skill of my JHS learners. May God continually bless you.

  2. Ruby

    Thank you po for sharing your knowledge here, it is a big help for us.

  3. Ming Umali

    Marami pong salamat sa mga post ninyo para sa ikapapanuto ng maraming nagsusuri, nag-aaral at maaaring nagtuturo na rin. Pagpalain po kayo ng Langit. Malaking tulong po kayo.

  4. Chona

    maraming salamat sa mga worksheets na pwedeng i – print at i – download. Galing! Malaking tulong sa pag – rereview. More power!

  5. Criselle

    Thank you so much for the worksheet. Sobrang laking tulong sa anak ko lalo na hirap siya sa Filipino subject.

  6. Cassie

    Thank You so much SAMUTSAMOT! It really helped me on my quiz in Filipino! <3

    1. samutsamot_mom

      You’re welcome, Cassie! Keep up the good work!

  7. Casandra Joyce Contemplacion

    Thank you so much SAMUTSAMOT. You helped me a lot in my lessons. I can get easily a worksheets that will help and enhance my students’ understanding of the topic. More power and God Bless!

  8. nelita

    Thank you so much God bless you for being so generous in sharing ……

  9. Judy Halago

    You are a great help for busy mom and dad like us who are also hands on in reviewing our kids

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    thank you!

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    salamat po. makatutulong ito sa aking pagtuturo, lalo na ngayong ang dami kong gawin. God bless

  14. Shane

    really such a great help… salamat ng madami for posting these worksheets

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    Thank you so much for helping the Filipino students! May God reward you for all your deeds.

  17. danny

    this a great site. wow galing!!!

  18. Vince Arvi Sabales

    Really help for my exam tomorrow thanks @samutsamot_mom! I hope you have more worksheets soon! Because I love your website I use it for everyday exams! Thanks! 😀

  19. Carlos

    Hello, Samutsamot. I would like to convey my gratitude for these helpful materials.
    May God shower you with the best blessings in life.

  20. Bless Ong

    Thank you so much @samutsmot_mom. These worksheets are heaven-sent! Visayan-speaking people like me rely heavily on researching Filipino worksheets and your site is the primarily my go-to site for these. This is for reinforcement on the lessons my children (Grade 4 son & Grade 1 daughter) are currently learning in school. I can’t thank you enough so I thought I’d let you know 🙂

    I’ve read that you welcome suggestions on topics so may I please suggest the topic on Pang-abay na Pang-agam, as this is currently being taught in my son’s Grade 4 class.

    God bless you more!

    1. samutsamot_mom

      Hi, Bless! Thank you for visiting my blog and using the worksheets. I’m currently very busy with mom duties and find little or no time for making worksheets. I’m working on the topic you requested although it might be too late for you to use since the your son’s class must have moved on to another topic. Anyway, you could you use it as a resource next year. By the way, as I’m looking through a few Filipino textbooks, I learned that this topic (pang-abay na pang-agam) is usually taught in Grade 6.

  21. NAOME

    hi salamat sa samutsamot I’m not a professional teacher but I can teach Filipino subject very well to my tutorial pupils.thank you.Meron din ba sa English?

    1. samutsamot_mom

      Hi, Naome! I’m glad to help. I’m sorry I don’t have any English worksheets in this blog, but there are many websites out there that offer English worksheets.

  22. telan,jeanne

    thank you for having this kind of worksheet . it helps for my daughter to study filipino. ty

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  24. joel

    pwede pa hingi ng worksheet 1 copy ng pang-abay..para sa anak ko.

    1. samutsamot_mom

      Hi, Joel! Libre po ang mga worksheets sa website na ito. I-click niyo lang ang pamagat ng worksheet (kulay orange ang mga letra nito) at lalabas na ang file. Puwede niyo na ma-download at i-print. Salamat!

  25. Ianna

    It’s really nice. I am a student and I use these worksheets to study my tests. Thank you for making it much easier!!!

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      1. Kashika

        Thank you very much and God bless PO😊😊😊

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  26. teacher m

    huge thanks, samut-samot. you’ve given mastery a big shot among my fifth graders. am a fan of this site.

    1. samutsamot_mom

      You’re welcome, Teacher M! A big shout out of “GOOD JOB” to your fifth grade students!

  27. Fowlee

    Thank you so much for the worksheets. They helped my daughter a lot!

  28. moffy47

    Such a great site, always willing to help the Filipino children without expecting anything in return.Thank you so much! More Power.

    1. samutsamot_mom

      Thank you, Moffy47! Your site ( is a wonderful site for teachers. I applaud you for your dedication to and support for other Filipino educators. Kudos!

  29. Ma. Geraldine M. Galang

    Thanks. Its a great help. Keep it up.

    1. samutsamot_mom

      Thanks, Geraldine! I’ll try to post some more worksheets but right now my daughter’s got the sniffles. Coming soon: pangatnig worksheets. Drop by again!

  30. Jennifer Garcia

    Thanks for the worksheets, really a great help for a hands-on Mom like me.

    1. samutsamot_mom

      Thanks, Jennifer! I’ll try posting more worksheets. Moms like us need to help each other. Drop by again soon!

      1. margareth

        samutsamot meron ka bang worksheet ng pangabay na kondisyonal,benepaktibo,at kusatibo

        1. samutsamot_mom

          I’m sorry, Margareth. I don’t have worksheets on those topics.

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