Pantig Worksheets (Part 4)

The PDF file below has three worksheets. Each worksheet asks the student to circle the correct syllable (pantig) that completes a Filipino word. Each worksheet has two versions. The second version has the middle dot that separate two consecutive syllables in a word. The student is also asked to write the entire word in the box. The words in each worksheet are related.

The worksheets in the PDF file are for personal and classroom use only. You may not use them for profit or for any commercial use. Please read the Terms of Use in the file. The PDF file features clip art by Kari Bolt and Little Red’s Clipart. Check out their online stores by clicking the links below:

By downloading the PDF file below, you agree with its Terms of Use stated in the first page of the file. Click the text link below, not the images, to open the PDF file in another tab.

Pantig Worksheets



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  1. armi morgado

    Thank you sooo much mam.. its a big help for my apo and my students also…. God bless and keep safe always

  2. Leah Jacobe

    Hello, Thank you for sharing these worksheets! My child has difficulty in learning Filipino. Thank you for blessing us with these free printables. God bless and more power to your blog!

  3. Sarah Faith Ong

    salamat po sa inyo! malaking tulong po sa mga bata.. God bless po!

  4. Gimarose Romero

    maraming salamat po malaking tulong para sa mga pupils ko, God Bless You po!

  5. Rommel

    Maraming salamat po sa mga worksheets ninyo. We are home schooling our 7-year old son Filipino subject.

  6. Marie Trinidad

    So helpful.

  7. Planet Nabu

    Really really appreciate what you’ve put up here. You’re helping a lot of moms (and dads) and teaching our young Filipinos. Thank you!

    p.s. needed to repost because i forgot my wordpress account haha. Kung gusto, may paraan!

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