New Video Poems

Since lockdowns have been imposed and classes are conducted online, I’ve seen fewer people and kids in bookstores. So I’ve made a couple of my poems into short videos (mp4). In my TeachersPayTeachers store Oliotopia, I recently posted two new products. The Kaya Ko Video Poem is 2:32 minutes long, featuring my short poem Kaya Ko. Background music plays in one version but there are no reading voices because it is meant to be read aloud by the teacher/parent or read silently by the learner. This short video can be used by teachers as an introductory or motivational activity for a lesson on verbs during an online class. It can also be used for practice reading in Filipino.

The other product, Ang Bata sa Tula, is a mini-ebook and video of a collection of 10 silly four-line Filipino poems about children. The product features PDF file versions and an mp4 version. In the mp4 version, there is no background music or reading voices. This product can be used for practice reading Filipino, recreational reading, or as a motivational activity for a lesson on Filipino rhyming words.

Both video poems have page curls for scene transitions to give the impression of reading a book. For more details about each product and their Terms of Use, please click the product link provided above.

If you are interested in purchasing these products, you may do so from my TeachersPayTeachers store. If you don’t have a PayPal account but want to purchase the products, you can email me at

Please note that these are not printable products. These are FOR ON-SCREEN VIEWING ONLY.

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