Bagong Kuwento: Ang Tatlong Pagsubok

I just added a new story under the Resources menu above and under the sub-menu Mga Kuwento. It is a short story titled “Ang Tatlong Pagsubok”. The story is adapted from “The Queen Bee”, written by the Grimm Brothers. I translated the story to Filipino and changed a few details. This resource is an 8-page PDF file. The first two pages have the Terms of Use. The next four pages have the Filipino story and the last two pages have 10 multiple-choice questions about the story.

If you download this PDF file, it is understood that you have agreed to abide by the Terms of Use indicated in the main menu of this blog. The resource is for personal and classroom use only (for face-to-face or online classes). Commercial use (selling for profit), mass distribution, and mass presentation are not allowed. Uploading the file anywhere in the Internet is not allowed.

You can click the link below to download the file or go to Resources and Mga Kuwento in the main menu above. Happy reading!

Ang Tatlong Pagsubok

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