Pantig Worksheets (Part 2)

The pdf file below has three worksheets. Each worksheet asks the student to write the missing syllable (pantig) in order to complete the Filipino word for the illustration shown. The first two worksheets have missing 2-letter syllables with the letter a. The third worksheet has missing 2-letter syllables with the letter o or u.

All illustrations are by samutsamot_mom except for the following which were obtained from soccer ball, house, bottle, tree, skull, and wheel.

You may print and distribute these worksheets to your children or students, but you may not do so for profit.

Click on the link below, not the thumbnails, to open the pdf file.

Isulat ang Pantig_1


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  1. Aiza

    Thank you your worksheets saved me!

  2. maria cecilia forlanda

    wow! beautiful thanks a lot for sending me again.

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