Panghalip na Panao Worksheets (Part 5)

The two 20-item pdf worksheets below ask the student to identify the grammatical person (panauhan: una, ikalawa, o ikatlo) and grammatical number (kailanan: isahan, dalawahan, o maramihan) of the underlined personal pronoun in each sentence.  The third page of each file is the answer key.

Panauhan at Kailanan ng Panghalip na Panao_2

Panauhan at Kailanan ng Panghalip na Panao_3

The 20-item pdf worksheet below asks the student to tell whether the underlined word in the sentence is a possessive pronoun (panghalip na paari) o a modifier (panuring).  The second page of the file is the answer key.

Panghalip na Paari o Panuring_1

Modifiers that show ownership of something are called possessive adjectives.  The panuring (modifier or possessive adjective) come before or after the noun it modifies.  Possessive adjectives are adjectives, not pronouns.

Ang kanyang sapatos ay bago. (panuring kanya modifies sapatos)

Ang sapatos niya ay bago. (panuring niya modifies sapatos)

Ang sapatos na bago ay kanya. (panghalip na paari)

 Kanya ang sapatos na bago. (panghalip na paari)


Below is a list of panghalip na paari (possessive pronouns).

  1. akin (mine)
  2. iyo (yours)
  3. kanya (his/hers)
  4. kanita (mine and yours)
  5. atin (ours)
  6. amin (ours)
  7. inyo (yours)
  8. kanila (theirs)

Below is a list of panuring (modifier/possessive adjective).  The blank signifies where the noun is placed.

  1. aking _____ (my _____ )
  2. iyong _____ (your _____ )
  3. kanyang _____ (his/her _____ )
  4. ating _____ (our _____ )
  5. aming _____ (our _____ )
  6. inyong _____  (your _____ )
  7. kanilang _____ (their _____ )
  8. _____ ko (my _____ )
  9. _____ mo (your _____ )
  10. _____ niya (his/her _____ )
  11. _____ natin (our _____ )
  12. _____ namin (our _____ )
  13. _____ ninyo (your _____ )
  14. _____ nila (their _____ )

These worksheets may be used for fifth or sixth grade students.  You may print and distribute these worksheets to your children or students, but you may not distribute them for profit.


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