New List of Filipino Words with Kambal-katinig

Below is the link to a 9-page pdf file that gives examples of Filipino words with consonant blends (kambal-katinig).

Kambal katinig

You may print and/or distribute this free list but please do not distribute them for profit.

The consonant blends included in this file are listed below, along with an example of a Filipino word with that consonant blend.

  1. bl (blusa)
  2. br (braso)
  3. dr (drayber)
  4. dy (dyip)
  5. gl (globo)
  6. gr (grabe)
  7. kl (klase)
  8. kr (krisis)
  9. ks (komiks)
  10. pl (plano)
  11. pr (presyo)
  12. tr (trabaho)
  13. ts (tsokolate)

This is a long list but it is still incomplete. As they say, knock yourself out.

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  1. Yuria

    Kambal katinig br??

    1. samutsamot_mom

      Meron pong mga salitang may kambal katinig na br sa PDF file.

  2. jeany

    Hi pa help naman po please 🙂
    limang larawan na kambal katinig ang pangalan

  3. Kris D.

    hi do you have a kambal katinig in /bl/ /kl/ /gr/

    1. samutsamot_mom

      Please click the orange-colored link “Kambal katinig.” A PDF file will open with a long list of Filipino words with the kambal katinig you are looking for.

  4. jed

    do you have kambal katinig /kr/

    1. samutsamot_mom

      Yes, Jed. Please click on the link to see the entire list.

  5. zyrilou faith L. pacapat

    what is pl blend in tagalog word

    1. samutsamot_mom

      The pl blend is a consonant blend made up of two consonants that make a distinct sound. The sound of both consonants is heard in the blend. Examples of Filipino words with the pl blend are plano, plantsa, plato, and planeta. There are more examples in the PDF file above. Click the link “Kambal Katinig.”

  6. Claire Zapico

    Hi do you have kambal katinig with /dw/ sw/ gw/kw?

    1. samutsamot_mom

      Hi, Claire! The only words I can find that start with the kambal katinig dw, gw, kw, or sw are borrowed words from other languages such as dwarf, kwanza, kwaki, swastika, swatsoy. The word swayon is from the Iloko dialect. Other words in the Disyonaryong Filipino are derived from the English language, such as swindler and switch.

      Filipino words usually have the letter u in between the consonants, such as duw (du-wag, du-wal, du-wen-de), guw (e.g., gu-war-di-ya, gu-wan-tes, gu-wa-po), kuw (e.g., ku-wen-to, ku-win-tas, ku-war-ta), suw (e.g., su-wer-te, su-wel-do, su-we-ro). With the letter u in between, these are not examples of kambal katinig. Besides, the two consonants are in separate syllables. Kambal katinig are found in the same syllable.

      Come to think of it, some people do consider spelling words such as kuwento, suweldo, and puwersa as kwento, sweldo, and pwersa. They say that as a rule, “kung ano ang bigkas, siyang baybay, siyang sulat.” Although, when writing, more people insert the letter U between the consonants.

      If you find examples of the kambal katinig you mentioned, please leave a comment so that other teachers or parents are informed. Maybe there are Filipino words that have those kambal katinig but not necessarily begin with them. Thank you for your question.

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