Corrections to “Kambal-katinig at Diptonggo Worksheets”

Right after I posted the worksheets on kambal-katinig and diptonggo, I scrambled to check the syllabication of the words with kambal-katinig and to my dismay, I found several mistakes. I have already corrected them and posted the corrected worksheets. If you already downloaded and printed the worksheets with kambal-katinig, please download the new versions.

I checked the words using the UP Diksiyonaryong Filipino (Binagong Edisyon, 2010).  I replaced the words which did not have a consonant cluster because the consonants are separated when the word is syllabicated. These words and how they are syllabicated in the UP dictionary are listed below:

  1. ritrato (rit-ra-to)
  2. libre (lib-re)
  3. nadiskubre (na-dis-kub-re)
  4. sikreto (sik-re-to)
  5. reklamo (rek-la-mo)
  6. publiko (pub-li-ko)
  7. suplado (sup-la-do)
  8. padre (pad-re)
  9. disiplina (di-sip-li-na)
  10. libro (lib-ro)
  11. tigre (tig-re)
  12. litro (lit-ro)
  13. madre (mad-re)

So the words above are not considered to have a consonant cluster or kambal-katinig. I apologize for my mistake.


2 thoughts on “Corrections to “Kambal-katinig at Diptonggo Worksheets”

  1. zyrilou faith L. pacapat August 31, 2016 / 11:00 am

    pl blend tagalog words

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