New Diptonggo Worksheets

Below is the link to a PDF file with two worksheets on Filipino diphthongs (diptonggo). A diptonggo is a combination of a Filipino vowel (a, e, i, o, or u) and one of the vowel-like Filipino letters y and w. The Filipino diphthongs included in these worksheets are /aw/, /ay/, /ey/, /iw/, /oy/,  and /uy/. The student is asked to write the missing diptonggo to complete the Filipino word represented by the illustration or image. TERMS OF USE By downloading this PDF file, you agree to the following: This PDF file is for personal and classroom use ONLY. You may print this PDF file and distribute the printouts to your children or students, but you MAY NOT distribute the printouts to other parents or teachers. You MAY NOT share digital copies of this PDF file with anyone. Just refer them to You MAY NOT print and distribute this PDF…

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Corrections to “Kambal-katinig at Diptonggo Worksheets”

Right after I posted the worksheets on kambal-katinig and diptonggo, I scrambled to check the syllabication of the words with kambal-katinig and to my dismay, I found several mistakes. I have already corrected them and posted the corrected worksheets. If you already downloaded and printed the worksheets with kambal-katinig, please download the new versions. I checked the words using the UP Diksiyonaryong Filipino (Binagong Edisyon, 2010).  I replaced the words which did not have a consonant cluster because the consonants are separated when the word is syllabicated. These words and how they are syllabicated in the UP dictionary are listed below: ritrato (rit-ra-to) libre (lib-re) nadiskubre (na-dis-kub-re) sikreto (sik-re-to) reklamo (rek-la-mo) publiko (pub-li-ko) suplado (sup-la-do) padre (pad-re) disiplina (di-sip-li-na) libro (lib-ro) tigre (tig-re) litro (lit-ro) madre (mad-re) So the words above are not considered to have a consonant cluster or kambal-katinig. I apologize for my mistake.

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Kambal-katinig at Diptonggo Worksheets

This post is dedicated to Helen who requested for worksheets on kambal-katinig (consonant cluster) and diptonggo (diphthong). The seven pdf worksheets below are about Filipino words with a consonant clusters (mga kambal-katinig) and Filipino words with diphthongs (mga diptonggo). You may print and photocopy these worksheets for your children or students. Please do not copy and/or distribute them for profit. The worksheets are for different grade levels. As teachers and parents, please select those worksheets appropriate for your students or children. The consonant clusters in these worksheets include bl, br, kl, kr, dr, dy, dr, pl, pr, tr, and ts. Please note that the consonant cluster must be found in one syllable. Otherwise, it is not considered a consonant cluster or kambal-katinig. For example, the br in the word alambre is a kambal-katinig because the word is syllabicated as a-lam-bre, with br in one syllable. On the other hand, the…

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