New List of Filipino Words with Kambal-katinig

Below is the link to a 9-page pdf file that gives examples of Filipino words with consonant blends (kambal-katinig). Kambal katinig You may print and/or distribute this free list but please do not distribute them for profit. The consonant blends included in this file are listed below, along with an example of a Filipino word with that consonant blend. bl (blusa) br (braso) dr (drayber) dy (dyip) gl (globo) gr (grabe) kl (klase) kr (krisis) ks (komiks) pl (plano) pr (presyo) tr (trabaho) ts (tsokolate) This is a long list but it is still incomplete. As they say, knock yourself out.

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Mga aralin sa kambal-katinig at diptonggo

Here are two lessons on kambal-katinig (consonant blend) and diptonggo (diphthong).  It took some time to find examples of Filipino words with consonant blends and diphthongs.  Note that many words are borrowed from the Spanish language and the English language.  The lists of examples are incomplete.  I hope that you find these two lesson sheets helpful.  Please comment if you would like to add more examples to the list.  I will be happy to include them. Kambal katinig Diptonggo

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