Editable Versions of Mga Bahagi ng Katawan/Parts of the Body Worksheets

I noticed that many of my visitors are using the Mga Bahagi ng Katawan and Parts of the Body worksheets, so I decided to post the editable versions of them. Below are the links to the PowerPoint files of these worksheets. I saved the files with a .ppt extension  so that they can be opened with an older version of PowerPoint (97-2003). I posted this so that you can edit the worksheet according to your needs.

Mga Bahagi ng Katawan_1

Mga Bahagi ng Katawan_3

Parts of the Body_1

Parts of the Body_3

The thumbnail below is the link to the .png illustration of the boy’s body in the worksheets above in case you want to make your own worksheet or test question using the image. When the image appears, just right-click on it and select “Copy Image” or “Save Image As…”.


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