New! Mga Bahagi ng Katawan Worksheets

A request was made for worksheets to go with the lesson sheets on the parts of the body in Filipino which I posted here. Below is the link to a few worksheets on that topic. There are girl and boy versions of the worksheets. The new worksheets are also a sneak peek into the new bundle I’m working on. This set of worksheets features clip art by Kari Bolt and Katie Bailey (Little Red’s Clip Art). Check out their online stores by clicking the links below:

The file also uses a font by Kimberly Geswein.

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New! Mga Bahagi ng Katawan Worksheets (November 2017)



Mga Bahagi ng Katawan Worksheets (Part 2)

Below are the thumbnails of a 5-page pdf file. The file has four worksheets and an answer key. The illustration is by samutsamot_mom. I used a new drawing of a girl. The previous worksheets showed a boy. Except for one body part (the armpit), all parts are the same as those in the previous worksheets I posted.

Feel free to use these worksheets for your students and children. Please do not distribute these worksheets for profit.

The link to the pdf file is provided below the thumbnails.






Mga Bahagi ng Katawan_babae

If you would like to make your own worksheet using the illustration of the girl, you may click the thumbnail below. When the illustration appears, place your mouse over it, right click, and select “Save Image As..” Please do not make worksheets with this illustration and distribute them for profit.


Editable Versions of Mga Bahagi ng Katawan/Parts of the Body Worksheets

I noticed that many of my visitors are using the Mga Bahagi ng Katawan and Parts of the Body worksheets, so I decided to post the editable versions of them. Below are the links to the PowerPoint files of these worksheets. I saved the files with a .ppt extension  so that they can be opened with an older version of PowerPoint (97-2003). I posted this so that you can edit the worksheet according to your needs.

Mga Bahagi ng Katawan_1

Mga Bahagi ng Katawan_3

Parts of the Body_1

Parts of the Body_3

The thumbnail below is the link to the .png illustration of the boy’s body in the worksheets above in case you want to make your own worksheet or test question using the image. When the image appears, just right-click on it and select “Copy Image” or “Save Image As…”.


Mga Bahagi ng Katawan/Parts of the Body Worksheets

The thumbnails below are links to pdf worksheets for preschool or first grade students. There are three versions of the worksheet on the different parts of the body (mga bahagi ng katawan). The English versions of the worksheets follow the set of Filipino worksheets.

Feel free to download, print, or photocopy these worksheets for your children or students. Please do not copy or redistribute them (or any part of the worksheets) for profit. All illustrations are by samutsamot_mom.

Mga Bahagi ng Katawan Worksheets

The first worksheet asks the student to write the names of the parts of the body inside the boxes. The first worksheet is followed by its answer key.

MBNK_11 Mga sagot sa MBNK_1

The second worksheet below also asks the student to write the names of the parts of the body inside the boxes, but the names of the parts are listed in the instruction. For the second worksheet, the same answer key above is used.


The third worksheet asks the student to list down the numbered parts of the body. The answer key follows the worksheet.

MBNK_3 Mga sagot sa MBNK_3

Parts of the Body Worksheets and Answer Key

The Parts of the Body worksheets below are different from the Filipino worksheets above. The Filipino worksheets indicate the three parts of the leg: thigh (hita), knee (tuhod), and lower leg (binti). The thigh and the lower leg are not labeled in the worksheets below; both are labeled “leg.”

The parts of the arm in the Filipino worksheets have three labels: the entire arm (bisig), elbow (siko), and forearm (braso). The forearm is not labeled in the worksheets below; the entire arm is labeled “arm.”



The answer key is provided below.