Pang-angkop Worksheets (Part 1)

The six pdf worksheets below are about the two linkers –ng and na (pang-angkop) used in the Filipino language. These two linkers are used to connect two words in a sentence, one of which is a modifier of the other. The modifier may be an adjective (pang-uri) or an adverb (pang-abay).

The linker –ng is attached to the end of the first word if that word ends in a vowel (a, e, i, o, u). For example, in “pulang bola” (red ball), the adjective pula modifies the noun bola, and because pula ends in a vowel, the linker -ng is attached to it.

Here are a few more examples:  walong taon, pangalawang pagsusulit, berdeng damit, malaking bahay, mahabang pila.

If the first word ends in a consonant other than the letter n, the linker na is a word placed between the two words. For example, in “maliit na hayop” (small animal), the adjective maliit modifies the noun animal, and because maliit ends in a consonant, the linker na is placed in between the modifier and the word it modifies.

Here are a few more examples: madilim na silid, masikip na daan, matabang na kape, magaling na manunulat, asul na dyaket.

If the first word ends in the letter n, the n of the linker -ng is dropped and only -g is attached to the end of the first word. For example, in “kaibigang tapat” (faithful friend), the adjective tapat modifies the noun kaibigan, and because kaibigan ends in n, only g is attached to it. Note that there are times that the modifier and the word it modifies can switch positions without losing its meaning. “Kaibigang tapat” may also be written as “tapat na kaibigan.”

Here are a few more examples:  daang malubak, karaniwang tawag, ikasandaang taon, maawaing tao, mahiyaing babae.

Feel free to download, save, print, or photocopy these worksheets for your children or students. Please do not copy or distribute these worksheets (or any part of any worksheet posted in this blog)  for profit.

The two 20-item worksheets below ask the student to write the appropriate linker to link two words in a given sentence.

1.  Pagsulat ng Tamang Pang-angkop_1; Mga sagot sa Pagsulat ng Tamang Pang-angkop_1

2.  Pagsulat ng Tamang Pang-angkop_2; Mga sagot sa Pagsulat ng Tamang Pang-angkop_2 (Correction: The answer to item no. 10 is -g instead of na because the word telebisyon already ends in n.)

The two 20-item worksheets below ask the student to connect two given words using the linkers -ng/-g o na.

3.  Paggamit ng Pang-angkop_1Mga sagot sa Paggamit ng Pang-angkop_1

4.  Paggamit ng Pang-angkop_2Mga sagot sa Paggamit ng Pang-angkop_2

The two 20-item worksheets below ask the student to box all the linkers in each sentence.

5.  Pagkilala sa Pang-angkop_1Mga sagot sa Pagkilala sa Pang-angkop_1

6.  Pagkilala sa Pang-angkop_2Mga sagot sa Pagkilala sa Pang-angkop_2

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        1. samutsamot_mom

          You are right, Vince! Thank you for pointing that out. The answer for item number 10 in the worksheet Pagsulat ng Tamang Pang-angkop 2 should be g (not na) because the word telebisyon already ends in n. So, it becomes telebisyong sira. Nice one! Good luck on your exams!

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