Pangungusap Worksheets (Part 4)

The eight worksheets below are about Filipino sentences (mga pangungusap). These worksheets are appropriate for first grade students.

You may print and distribute these worksheets to your students or children, but please do not do so for profit.

The two 15-item worksheets below ask the student to tell whether the group of words is a sentence or not.

1. Pangungusap o Hindi_3 ; Mga sagot sa Pangungusap o Hindi_3

2. Pangungusap o Hindi_2 ; Mga sagot sa Pangungusap o Hindi_2

The two 15-item worksheets below ask the student to classify a sentence according to its use. The student is asked to tell whether a sentence is declarative (pasalaysay), interrogative (patanong), exclamatory (padamdam), imperative (pautos), or pakiusap (request).

3. Uri ng Pangungusap_4 ; Mga sagot sa Uri ng Pangungusap_4

4. Uri ng Pangungusap_5 ; Mga sagot sa Uri ng Pangungusap_5

5. Pagsulat ng Pangungusap_1 : This 10-item worksheet has two parts. The first part asks the student to change declarative sentences (pangungusap na pasalaysay) to interrogative sentences (pangungusap na patanong). The second part asks the student to change imperative sentences (pangungusap na pautos) into pakiusap sentences (requests).

The three worksheets below ask the student to answer Ano, Sino, Bakit, and Kailan questions with complete sentences.

6. Pagsagot sa mga Tanong_1

7. Pagsagot sa mga Tanong_2

8. Pagsagot sa mga Tanong_3

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