Pangungusap Worksheets (Part 5)

The five pdf worksheets below are about the five types of Filipino sentences: pangungusap na pasalaysay, patanong, padamdam, pautos, and pakiusap.  These worksheets are appropriate for first and second grade students.

You may print and distribute them to your children and students, but you may not do so for profit.

The two 15-item worksheets below ask the student to determine the type of sentence in each item.

Uri ng Pangungusap Ayon sa Gamit_5

Uri ng Pangungusap Ayon sa Gamit_6

This 10-item worksheet asks the student to change the declarative sentence (pangungusap na pasalaysay) into an interrogative sentence (pangungusap na patanong) : Pagsulat ng Pangungusap na Patanong_2

This 7-item worksheet asks the student to write an interrogative sentence appropriate to the situation given: Pagsulat ng Pangungusap na Patanong_3

This worksheet asks the student to complete the declarative sentence about herself or himself: Pagsulat ng Pangungusap na Pasalaysay_3


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