Panghalip na Panao Worksheets

The three printable worksheets and their answer keys below are about Filipino personal pronouns or panghalip na panao.  You may download and print these for your children or students.  Please do not reproduce or distribute them for profit.

1.  Panghalip na Panao_2 (Pagbigay ng tamang panghalip na panao),  Mga sagot sa Panghalip na Panao_2:  This 20-item worksheet asks the student to replace a group of words in a sentence with the correct personal pronoun.

2.  Panghalip na Panao_3 (Pagtukoy ng tamang panghalip na panao),  Mga sagot sa Panghalip na Panao_3 :  This 20-item worksheet asks the student to underline the correct personal pronoun (from a group of three pronouns) to complete a sentence. The worksheet is in a form of a friendly letter.

3.  Panghalip na Panao_4 (Pagbigay ng tamang panghalip na panao), Mga sagot sa Panghalip na Panao_4 :  This 25-item worksheet asks the student to give the correct personal pronoun to complete the sentence.

There is another personal pronoun worksheet (Panghalip na Panao_1) in my previous post.

7 thoughts on “Panghalip na Panao Worksheets

    • Thank you for using them, Lyra! Filipino is a challenging subject for many kids like mine so I knew I could help other moms by making and sharing Filipino worksheets for the kids to practice on. Good luck to your son!

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    • Hi! Since parents need all the help they can get, I suggest that you make your own blog and post your self-made worksheets there. I’m sure many parents will also appreciate your efforts. Thank you for dropping by and good luck!

  2. salamat po malaking tulong po samin to.lalut public lang npasok anak ko,kailangan talagang sariling sikap para maalalayan sya..

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