List of Filipino Verbs (Pandiwa)

Below is the link to a 16-page pdf file that alphabetically lists around 400 Filipino verbs (mga pandiwa) in different grammatical tenses. It is best to download and save the file first, and open it with the Adobe Acrobat Reader if you want to print a portion of the file or the entire file.

Mga Pandiwa sa Ibat Ibang Panahunan


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Useful Lists

For those of you who are new followers of this blog, I've collected in this post several pdf files that I've previously posted (in separate posts) and that you may find useful.  Most of these files are lists.  I hope this saves you some time searching the Internet. You may print and distribute them to your students or children, but please do not sell or distribute them for profit. 1.  Salitang may Panlapi  (unlapi, gitlapi, hulapi, kabilaan, at laguhan) 2.  Salitang Inuulit (Filipino repeated words) 3.  Tambalang Salita (Filipino compound words) 4.  Kambal katinig (Filipino words with consonant clusters) 5.  Diptonggo (Filipino words with diphthongs) 6.  Mga Salitang Magkasingkahulugan (Filipino synonyms) 7.  Mga Salitang Magkasalungat (Filipino antonyms) 8.  Kasarian ng Pangngalan (Filipino words with different grammatical gender) 9.   Mga Uri ng Pangngalan Ayon sa Konsepto: Pangngalang Tahas at Pangngalang Basal (Filipino concrete and abstract nouns) 10. Mga Pangngalang Basal (Filipino abstract nouns)…

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Pangngalan Worksheets (Part 4)

There are two main types of nouns, proper nouns (pangngalang pantangi) and common nouns (pangngalang pambalana).  Common nouns may be classified further as concrete nouns (pangngalang tahas o kongkreto), abstract nouns (pangngalang basal o di-kongkreto), or collective nouns (pangngalang palansak o lansakan). Mga Pangngalang Palansak :  This is a list of Filipino collective nouns. Uri ng Pangngalan:  This 15-item worksheet asks the student to classify the underlined noun in the sentence as pantangi (proper) or pambalana (common).  If the noun is a common noun, the student is asked to classify it as tahas, basal, or lansakan.  The second page is the answer key. Uri ng Pangngalang Pambalana_1 :  This 20-item worksheet asks the student to classify common nouns as tahas, basal, or lansakan. The second page is the answer key. Uri ng Pangngalang Pambalana_1 :  This is another 20-item worksheet that asks the student to classify common nouns as tahas,…

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