Animal Alphabet

I found a nice font with animals called Nina's Animals, created in 1998 by GorrilaBlu (freeware license).  I used the font to make a 3-page animal alphabet. Except for the following animals, all the other animal images were obtained from Nina's Animals font: the ant and queen bee images are from; the pig, octopus, and zebra images are from; the lion, newt, urial, xenops, and yak are by samutsamot_mom---that's me! The thumbnails of the pdf file are shown below.  It's a teaching tool, not a worksheet. You may print and distribute the file to your students or children, but please do not distribute it for profit. Animal Alpabet    

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More Help on Filipino from

I would just like to share with you the website  Click on the Categories link and you'll see a list of resources available: Maikling Kuwento Mga Alamat Mga Pabula Mga Bugtong Mga Tula Kuwentong bayan Parabula Salawikain Talambuhay ng mga Bayani The website's Links connects you to the Tagalog, Cebuano, and Hiligaynon dictionaries.  I hope you find it helpful in teaching your students and children Filipino.    

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Si Diwayen

In my endeavor to help my daughter learn about Philippine history, I came across the Seryeng Batang Historyador, a set of five books published by Adarna House.  I bought all the books of the series from National Book Store (each book costs PhP 75).

For the first book Si Diwayen, Noong Bago Dumating ang mga Espanyol, I’ve prepared a set of questions about the story, a list of vocabulary words, and a worksheet on these words.  Although the story has an English translation, you may want to keep the vocabulary list handy as you read the story with your child.

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Mga Damdamin Flashcards

Last year I posted a Filipino version of the Feelings Chart (see it here).  Except for the illustration for tired (pagod), I used the same illustrations to make flashcards for teachers and parents. These may be cut and pasted on pieces of cardboard or cartolina, and shown to a small group of preschoolers or first graders. The flashcards may also be used to make a booklet. Click on the link below to open the 7-page pdf file with the feelings flashcards. Mga Damdamin_flashcards (Click this file for the English version: Feelings_flashcards) All illustrations are by samutsamot_mom. You may print and distribute these pages to your children or students, but you may not distribute the files or its printed pages for profit. The thumbnails for the two files are shown below. You may also click on the thumbnails to open the files. Please leave a comment if you need a different…

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Pangngalang Tahas at Basal

Nouns in Filipino may be classified as pangngalang tahas or pangngalang basal. These are concrete and abstract nouns in English. The files below deal with distinguishing these two types of nouns. You may print and distribute or share these files to others, but please do not do so for profit. 1. Mga Uri ng Pangngalan Ayon sa Konsepto: This is a 5-page pdf file that describes the difference between pangngalang tahas and pangngalang basal. It also has a table with examples of these two types of nouns. I made this for parents and teachers, but a fifth o sixth grader should be able to understand it. 2. Pagtukoy sa Uri ng Pangngalan Ayon sa Konsepto_1; Mga sagot sa Pagtukoy sa Uri ng Pangngalan Ayon sa Konsepto_1: This a 15-item worksheet that asks the student to circle a pangngalang tahas and underline a pangngalang basal in each sentence. 3. Pag-uuri-uri ng…

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