Mga Bahagi ng Katawan Worksheets (Part 2)

Below are the thumbnails of a 5-page pdf file. The file has four worksheets and an answer key. The illustration is by samutsamot_mom. I used a new drawing of a girl. The previous worksheets showed a boy. Except for one body part (the armpit), all parts are the same as those in the previous worksheets I posted. Feel free to use these worksheets for your students and children. Please do not distribute these worksheets for profit. The link to the pdf file is provided below the thumbnails. Mga Bahagi ng Katawan_babae If you would like to make your own worksheet using the illustration of the girl, you may click the thumbnail below. When the illustration appears, place your mouse over it, right click, and select "Save Image As.." Please do not make worksheets with this illustration and distribute them for profit.

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How do you feel today? (Filipino version)

This post is dedicated to Liza and Shelah, two teachers in Sweden.  Hej! The 2-page pdf file below provides two charts that allow the student to choose how she or he feels today. All illustrations are by samutsamot_mom. You may distribute these charts to your students and children, but please do not do so for profit. The first page shows a chart asking "Ano ang nararamdaman mo ngayon?" A thumbnail is shown below. The second page  shows a chart asking "How do you feel today?" A thumbnail is shown below. Click on either thumbnail above to open the pdf file. I was unsure on how to translate the question to Filipino. I could not use "Ano ang pakiramdam mo ngayon?" because the word pakiramdam refers to how one feels physically. If you have a better Filipino translation for the question "How do you feel today?", please leave a comment. If…

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Mga Bahagi ng Aklat

Below is the link to a pdf file about the different parts of a book (Mga Bahagi ng Aklat).  This is a 3-page article describing the different parts of a book in Filipino. You may print and distribute this document to others, but please do not do so for profit. Mga Bahagi ng Aklat The worksheet Pagtukoy sa Mga Bahagi ng Aklat_1 asks the student to choose a book and answer some questions about its different parts.

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Talaan ng mga Pang-uri

I like making lists. I’ve been working on one for the past few days. I hope that you find it useful. At the end of this post is the link to a pdf file that lists Filipino adjectives (mga pang-uri) and their English definitions. It has fourteen pages. Each page has two columns. I did not include number words that may be used as adjectives, such as isa, dalawa, tatlo, etc. I also did not include the numerous adjectives that are made by adding an affix (panlapi) to a Filipino root word, although many words in this list have affixes. Some adjectives have two definitions. The two definitions are separated by a semicolon (;). The adjectives in this list are alphabetically arranged according to the Filipino alphabet. If you have an English adjective and would like to see its Filipino translation, you may search the file using Adobe Reader’s Find…

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New List of Filipino Words with Kambal-katinig

Below is the link to a 9-page pdf file that gives examples of Filipino words with consonant blends (kambal-katinig). Kambal katinig You may print and/or distribute this free list but please do not distribute them for profit. The consonant blends included in this file are listed below, along with an example of a Filipino word with that consonant blend. bl (blusa) br (braso) dr (drayber) dy (dyip) gl (globo) gr (grabe) kl (klase) kr (krisis) ks (komiks) pl (plano) pr (presyo) tr (trabaho) ts (tsokolate) This is a long list but it is still incomplete. As they say, knock yourself out.

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