Simuno at Panaguri Worksheets

The PDF file below has three worksheets on the parts of a Filipino sentence: simuno (subject) and panaguri (predicate). The answer to the two worksheets are included. The last worksheet can have many possible answers, so it has no answer key. Please judge for yourself if the worksheets are appropriate to the reading level of your student or child. Terms of Use are included in the PDF file. If you download the worksheet, it is understood that you will abide by them.

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  1. Aj Sipin

    Thank you so much Ma’am for sharing this worksheets. It really helps us a lot.

  2. Elmer Dacasin

    Thanks much for your generosity. God bless.

  3. mel

    Thank you very much for sharing! Worksheets in Filipino are very helpful to mothers, especially working mothers like me. God bless you!

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