Magbasa Tayo!: Ang Liham ni Joshua

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Here’s a new reading comprehension exercise in Filipino. Students can read a letter written by a child to his grandparents. In the letter, Joshua thanks his grandparents for their Christmas present and gives them the good news that he has learned how to ride a bike. There are two sets of reading comprehension questions for the students to answer. In the first set, students are asked to answer the questions in complete sentences. There are multiple-type questions in the second set.

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Please leave a comment below if you notice an error in the file. You may also leave suggestions on how the letter can be improved or add more comprehension questions.

Click the title link below, not the image, to open the PDF file. If you download the file, you must abide by the Terms of Use indicated in the first two pages.

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  1. Aljoy Ilumin

    This Blog is really helpful for me especially teaching kids in Filipino..Thank you so much and God Bless you more and this Blog!

  2. Mommy Jee

    I really appreciate your blog site ever since the ECQ started. I’ve been teaching my son to read and speak in Filipino.

  3. January Ocampo

    Really love your website!!!! I’m an Ilonggo and it is a daily struggle to teach my kid in Filipino. Your worksheets have been extremely helpful Thank you very much 😀

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