Preschool Filipino Worksheets Bundle Vol. 1


I’ve been posting free worksheets since 2012 on this blog. Because this is a personal blog, it is difficult to sift through the posts to find what you need.

To make it easier for people who are searching for worksheets for preschoolers, I’ve made a set of Filipino worksheets that focuses on the following topics:

  • learning the 28 letters of the Filipino alphabet and their correct order;
  • learning words that begin with (or have) the letters of the Filipino alphabet;
  • learning how to write the uppercase and lowercase letters of the Filipino alphabet;
  • learning how to distinguish the Filipino vowels (patinig) from the consonants (katinig);
  • practicing reading two-letter syllables (pantig);
  • practicing reading simple two-syllable Filipino words;
  • identifying the correct word for an object or person;
  • writing the missing syllable to complete simple Filipino words; and
  • practicing reading simple sentences in Filipino.

In this bundle, I used a uniform format for the worksheets to make the bundle look like a workbook. There are also several worksheets in the bundle that are not available for free on this blog. Furthermore, having the PDF bundle makes the search for these types of worksheets easier. You can also print the worksheets anytime you need them at home or in school.



Total number of pages (including cover and copyright page): 126 pages (letter size, 8.5″ x 11″)

File type and number of files: Seven PDF files

Total size of files: 24.3 MB

System requirement: Adobe Acrobat Reader (I recommended downloading the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC from this site:

Here is a more detailed list (and some thumbnails) of what’s included in the bundle:

1.  Pagbigkas ng mga titik ng alpabetong Filipino

2.  Pagsasanay sa pagsulat ng malalaki at maliliit na titik ayon sa mga guhit (tuwid, pahilis, pakurba, o paikot na guhit)


3.  Pasasanay sa pagsulat ng alpabetong Filipino at mga halimbawa ng mga salitang nagsisimula sa bawat titik o may naturang titik


4.  Pagbuo ng alpabetong Filipino (Isulat ang mga nawawalang titik)


5.  Pagsulat ng gitnang titik (Isulat ang titik sa gitna ayon sa tamang ayos ng alpabetong Filipino)


6.  Pagsulat ng maliit na titik sa tabi ng malaking titik

7.  Pagsulat ng malaking titik sa tabi ng maliit na titik


8.  Itambal ang malaking titik sa tamang maliit na titik

9.  Kulayan ang mga bagay na nagsisimula sa o may titik (A hanggang Z)


10.  Pagkilala sa patinig at katinig

11.  Itukoy ang mga patinig o katinig


12.  Bilugan ang pasimulang patinig ng salita para sa larawan


13.  Bilugan ang unang titik ng salita para sa larawan


14.  Bilugan ang huling titik ng salita para sa larawan


15.  Mga uri ng pantig

16.  Pagsasanay sa pagbasa ng mga pantig


17.  Pagsasanay sa pagbasa ng mga salita na may dalawang pantig


18.  Pagtukoy sa tamang salita para sa larawan


19.  Pagsulat ng nawawalang pantig upang mabuo ang salita


20.  Pagtukoy sa naiibang salita


21.  Pagsasanay sa pagbasa ng mga pangungusap


22. Tula: Ang Munting Langgam



If you would like to pre-order this PDF worksheets bundle for your child or for your work as a teacher or tutor, please send me an e-mail at “at” and I will personally contact you via e-mail for the details. If you have any questions about this bundle, please include them in your e-mail.

Upon purchase of this bundle, it is understood that you agree to and accept the following Terms of Use.



You are permitted to print and photocopy the pages of this product for personal or home use and multi-classroom use.

You are prohibited from copying this product or any part of it and placing it on the Internet in any form such as a blog or classroom website.

You are granted a single and nontransferable license to use this product. You are prohibited from giving this product or a copy of it to someone else. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, electronic file transfers such as e-mailing or sharing through a website, cloud, or network. If you are a parent, sharing the product with another parent who is not your spouse is prohibited. If you are a teacher or tutor, sharing it with another teacher or tutor for his or her own students is prohibited.

You may copy and store this product on another device that is yours for personal and private use. A third-party must not be able to access the product.

You are prohibited from copying or modifying this product to give to others for free, for sale, or for any commercial purpose.

The author cannot be held responsible for the loss, accidental deletion, or damage of the product after its initial receipt through e-mail.

You may provide a direct link to the blog if you are reviewing the product or recommending it through social media websites.




245 thoughts on “Preschool Filipino Worksheets Bundle Vol. 1

  1. thank you very much, you are so great. . . i want more activities that is applicable for grade 5 and 6. thanks a lot.

  2. Hi! I’m interested in the bundle for my 5 year old :). Kindly send me a quotation and how i can get the bundle 🙂

    Julie Lipayon

  3. hi samutsamot mom, i would like to avail your bundle. i just got a yaya and learned surprisingly that she does’nt know how to read. she only knows how to write her name. Masipag naman xa kaya i am willing to teach her and she is eager to learn naman. please send me the details. thank you.

    • Hi, Corlyn! I’m happy to know that you are helping your yaya learn how to read and that you plan to use my worksheets to help her. I sent you an e-mail regarding the bundle, but feel free to download other free worksheets on my blog for her. Thanks!

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  5. Hi, I am a Pre School teacher in Las Pinas. I work for a foundation that educates indigent kids in the community. how can I avail this bundle?

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  7. hello po,, this bundle will be helpful for my daughter hu is entering kindergarten..please send me an email about the bundle..tnk u soo much..

    • Hi, Theresa! Could you please give me another e-mail address? I sent an e-mail to the address you gave me but it was not delivered because it seems that there is no account with that name.

  8. hi, I am very grateful of samutsamot worksheets and learning materials. Impressive and encouraging. May you will be blessed more with wisdom and knowledge from God to share your talents to others. I’m a first grade teacher in a public school here in Manila. I do appreciate your kindness. Hope I can avail a copy of your worksheets. God bless.

  9. hi.. love your work.. how do i download the bundle..? will be of big help for my grade 1 pupils..

  10. This site is very helpful to my daughter, thank you for the creator of this website. Can I request a copy of the PDF bundle for my daughter. Thanks again and more power to this website.

  11. Hi! I’m interested in the bundle for my 5 year old:). Kindly send me a quotation and how i can get the bundle:)

  12. hi paano po makakakuha ng copy po ng bundle? thanks for my kinder daughter sana at sa upcoming kinder son ko.. thanks..

  13. hello maam. I am a teacher in grade 2. i have pupils who cant read yet. these materials are very helpful to me and to my pupils. please send me the file .. thank you so much maam.

  14. hi great day ,
    how can i avail this bundle and download it . i updated my adobe version with your suggested link.

    thank you

  15. gud day, i used almost all of your materials except that i’m not too organized it would help if i could please have a copy of the materials as it is or chronologically arranged. thanks!

  16. hello. I’m a preschool teacher and I am very much interested in your bundle volume 1 for my pupils. can you send me? that would be of great help to the future generations. thank you so much.

  17. hello.. I’m a homeschooler mom.. Gusto ko po sana eavail ung Preschool Bundle volume 1 for my son.. Can you send me? Thank you so much.

  18. Good day! I’m a preschool teacher n public school. I would like to ask for a copy of your bundle. I hope you will consider my request. Thank you. It’s really a big help for kinder teachers like me. Thank you and more powers.

  19. hello po.sakto po talaga ko sa problem ko kailangan ko turuan anak ko magbasa sa tagalog.paano po ba ako magkaroon ng bundle?maraming salamat po talaga

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