Samut-samot Filipino Worksheets Bundle Volume 2 (2018)

The bundle image above was designed using graphics by Kari Bolt (link below) and Lisa Glanz (

After months of working on-and-off on this huge bundle, I’m happy to announce that it’s finally available. This new bundle is a compilation of concepts taught in kindergarten and first grade. Like Volume 1, this bundle is for sale and it is a set of several PDF files. All the instructions and labels on the worksheets and lesson sheets of this product are in Filipino. Only the Terms of Use and Product Description are in English.

The pages in this bundle are black and white, not colored. The bundle includes alternate pages for certain topics. For example, in the PDF file Mga Hugis, there are three pages for the oval shape, i.e., obalo, biluhaba, and habilog. In the PDF file Mga Bahagi ng Katawan, there are boy and girl versions of the lessons sheets on the parts of the front and back of the body.

Some of the topics in this bundle were included in the Preschool Filipino Worksheets Bundle Volume 2, the files for which you can find here and here. However, this new bundle features much improved versions of those worksheets mainly because of the clip art I purchased and downloaded to complement the worksheets.

I have designed the pages such that the worksheets and lesson sheets have a uniform look and formatting. Because of this, the pages in this bundle may be compiled, arranged in the order as needed, and bound into a workbook. There is enough space provided at the top of each page for binding. Top binding would be convenient for children who are left-handed.

Upon purchase of this bundle, it is understood that you agree to and accept the Terms of Use. To see the complete and updated Terms of Use and to know how to purchase this bundle, click the Resources menu item at the top part of this blog and select the Worksheets Bundles For Sale item or click here.


The author of the text in this bundle is Samut-samot Mom, the owner of this blog. Some of the clipart images are illustrations by Samut-samot Mom. She owns the copyrights to those illustrations. The public domain clip art images used in this product were downloaded from and

This bundle was created using licensed graphics from the artists listed below. It is a violation of copyright law to copy and use the graphics for other purposes. If you are interested in using them, you can purchase them from the artists’ online stores. The links are provided below.

Most of the clip art images in this product are by Katie Bailey (Little Red’s Clip Art) and Kari Bolt (Kari Bolt Design and Illustration).

Little Red’s Clip Art

Kari Bolt

A font by Kimberly Geswein was used in this bundle.

Print Design by Kris

Sticky Foot Studio

Creative Critters

Chirp Graphics

If you purchase the bundle, it is understood that you agree to abide to the Terms of Use indicated here. If you are interested in purchasing this new bundle, you may e-mail me at

Buyers of the product may request for minor changes in the labels or instructions. Buyers may also request to make any corrections (if they find any) in the product. These changes will be done for free.

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