Mga Damdamin (2018)

If you’re teaching students how to tell what a person is feeling, this post might help you. Using the Male Cartoon Avatar Creator by Shark&Croc co., I created a set of male faces showing 16 different emotions (listed below). Labels for each emotion are provided in Filipino and in English. Students may be asked to place the correct label under the face showing that emotion. 

  1. calm (kalmado)
  2. contented/satisfied (kontento)
  3. happy (saya/masaya)
  4. joyful (tuwa/natutuwa)
  5. sad (lungkot/malungkot)
  6. scared (takot/natatakot)
  7. angry (galit)
  8. surprised (gulat)
  9. excited (sabik)
  10. doubt/doubtful (duda/nagdududa)
  11. tired (pagod)
  12. sleepy (antok/inaantok)
  13. nervous (kaba/kinakabahan)
  14. hurt (sakit/nasasaktan)
  15. annoyed (inis/naiinis)
  16. shy (hiya/nahihiya)

If you have downloaded the file or files, it is assumed that you have agreed to the Terms of Use stated in the PDF file. These files are for personal, home, and multi-classroom use. You may not use them for profit. You may not upload them in any other website like Scribd or electronically share the files with others.

Click the link below to open the PDF file in another tab. Once it’s open, place your cursor on a page, right-click and select Save as.

The PDF file below has the illustrations without labels below the faces. The labels are provided in separate pages.

Mga Damdamin-2018

The PDF file below has the illustrations with labels (Filipino or English) below the faces (samples shown above).

Mga Damdamin-2018 with labels

Sorry, I don’t have a female version of the files.

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  1. Kathy

    You are amazing!! Great great help to me since I am trying my very best to educate my kids in Tagalog/ Filipino. We are expats in Dubai and their primary language is English, this educational material will definitely ease my troubles. You did an amazing job and you are so kind to share. I am sure Filipino Moms around the globe are very grateful for this help. Godbless po!

  2. epiphyllies

    You are awesome! I am inspired to also start an educational blog. 🙂
    Your worksheets have been very helpful in my review with my tutee. 🙂

  3. Jayne


  4. Shirley R. Concepcion

    Thank you so much po…its really a big help… God bless…

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