Katinig Worksheets

You may print and use the worksheets in this post for your students and children, but please do not distribute them for profit.  All illustrations are by samutsamot_mom.

Isulat ang Katinig :  This is a set of three worksheets.  Each worksheet asks the student to write the missing consonant (katinig) or consonants to complete the Filipino words for the illustrated animals, fruits, and objects.  The thumbnails are shown below.  Note that NG/ng is considered as one consonant in the Filipino alphabet.

Isulat ang Katinig_p1

Isulat ang Katinig_p2

Isulat ang Katinig_p3



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  1. Grace

    madaling gamitin..Salamat sa pag share

  2. JT

    Thank you so much! You are such a big help for us. May God bless you more and more!

  3. nexus3c

    Thank you so much for this!!! :)

  4. chinky

    salamat! napakalaking tulong para sa kinder ko na anak tuwing malapit ang exam at kailangang magreview. sana lumago pa ang site na ito. Godbless!

  5. CJ

    Thank you so much! Find your site by accident and I’m so happy and amazed.
    I’m a working mom and your Filipino worksheets is definitely a big help in tutoring my first grader.

  6. LivE

    Hi! While helping my kids with their Filipino HW on parts of the body, I did a google search and that landed me here. I have to tell you that I could barely suppress the urge to jump up and down and throw confetti in the air … Finally: A classy, informative, easy-to-understand educational site dedicated to kids learning Filipino! A huge grateful hug to you for providing this super-valuable resource on the net, and for all the great work you share generously. Thank you so much!

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