Pangungusap Worksheets (Part 7)

The three pdf worksheets below ask the student to tell whether or not a given group of Filipino words form a sentence (pangungusap) by writing a check mark on the blank in front of sentences and an X in front of “non-sentences.”

Each worksheet has 20 items. The second page of each file is the answer key.

These worksheets are appropriate for first and second grade students. You may print and distribute these worksheets to your children or students, but you may not do so for profit.

1.  Pangungusap o Hindi_4

2.  Pangungusap o Hindi_5

3.  Pangungusap o Hindi_6


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  1. do you have a worksheet for parirala or pangungusap

    1. Please type parirala or pangungusap in the Search box.

  2. thanks so much for these worksheets! very helpful for us homeschoolers

  3. do you have aworksheets on pangungusap na walang paksa?

    1. Hi, Jane! I’m sorry that I don’t have worksheets on that topic (pangungusap na walang paksa) here in my blog. That topic is discussed in high school and my worksheets are primarily for grade school children. I’m sure you’ll find a discussion on that topic in other websites.

      1. Thanks for the reply……high school? My son is only in grade 5 and that’s his lesson already 🙁 anyway…thanks a bunch for the worksheets… Great help indeed!

  4. BIG!!!!! help!!!!!! thanks 🙂

  5. Hi again! I hope you can make worksheets on Tambalang Salita. Thank you.

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