Pagpapahalaga sa Katawan

Pagpapahalaga sa Sariling Katawan:  This worksheet asks the student to cut out the drawings and paste them in the correct box.  For example, the drawing of the girl taking a shower should be pasted in the box with the label “Maligo araw-araw.”  The third page of the file has mini-flashcards of the good health habits.  The thumbnails are shown below.

Pagpapahalaga sa Katawan_p1

Pagpapahalaga sa Katawan_p2

Pagpapahalaga sa Katawan_p3

Good Health Habits:  This is the English version of the worksheet and mini-flashcards. The thumbnails are shown below.

Good Health Habits_p1

Good Health Habits_p2

Good Health Habits_p3

You may print these pdf files for your students or children, but please do not distribute them for profit.






4 thoughts on “Pagpapahalaga sa Katawan

    • Hi, Imee! Please give me a list of the things you would like to include in the worksheets you suggested and other details that would help me make worksheets on the topics you mentioned. Thanks!

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