Pagtukoy sa mga Bagay o Hayop Worksheets

The worksheets in the two pdf files below ask the child to identify the object, animal, or person being described. For example, the child is asked to color the animal with wings (Kulayan ang hayop na may pakpak.). The child is asked to color or encircle his or her answer. These worksheets are appropriate for preschool or first grade students. If the child is not reading yet, the teacher or parent can read the instruction to the child.

You may print and distribute these worksheets to your children or students, but you may not sell these or distribute these for profit. Click on the links below to open the pdf files:

1.  Sundin ang Panuto_1

2.  Sundin ang Panuto_2

The first pdf file above has the three worksheets shown below.


The second pdf file above has the three worksheets shown below.




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  1. Angeli

    Thank you so much for all your efforts in putting up and sharing your own resources. We are living in foreign place and am so happy I came across your works! Sobrang tuwa ko na, sa wakas mauupuan ko anak ko with materials suitable for her age. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. amie fermato

    I had a 6 years old kid, and I find it hard to teach her using her textbooks alone. until I came across with your worksheets thru google. thank you very much for providing such wonderful, easy to under and educational worksheets. It really helps my kid to understand the lessons better. Thank you so much, more power and God bless.

    1. samutsamot_mom

      You’re very welcome, Amie! Good luck to your kid!

  3. Jay Cathryn Tolentino

    thank you so much for your worksheets. They are so useful to my pupils. God bless you.

  4. Raquel Cardell

    for the worksheet…could you also send me worksheets for grades 1 and 2.  these will help me a lot specially i am handling students with special needs.  thanks and more power….

    1. samutsamot_mom

      Hi, Racquel! I do not send worksheets, I post worksheets on my blog. You may download the worksheets by clicking on the links in the post. If you want to be informed of a new post on this blog, please subscribe to this blog by clicking the Follow button on the right column. Thank you.

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