Pangatnig Worksheets (Part 2)

The three pdf worksheets below are about Filipino conjunctions (mga pangatnig). The topic on pangatnig is introduced in fourth grade. Textbooks differ in the number of conjunctions they introduce.  The conjunctions used in these worksheets include the following: at, o, pero, ngunit, subalit, sapagka’t, kaya, para, upang, habang, kung, and dahil.

You may print and distribute these worksheets to your children or students, but please do not do so for profit.

The two 15-item worksheets below ask the student to draw a box around the pangatnig in each sentence.

1.  Pagkilala sa Pangatnig_2Mga sagot sa Pagkilala sa Pangatnig_2

2.  Pagkilala sa Pangatnig_3Mga sagot sa Pagkilala sa Pangatnig_3

3.  Paggamit ng Angkop na Pangatnig_1;  Mga sagot sa Paggamit ng Angkop na Pangatnig_1 :  This 15-item worksheet asks the student to write the correct pangatnig that will complete each sentence.

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  1. Rose

    Many, many thanks. can’t thank you enough for this very simple explanation. Kids, Parents and teachers find it very simple to use and understand. More power po!

  2. Dad Ben

    I do appreciate your generosity. Thank you.

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    Hello. Po💞💕 maraming maraming salamat po dito napakalaking tulong na po ito sa akin.. 💝💖💕💞 My God blest you po💞💕😇😇

  4. Joyce

    hi! I would like to send a donation to this page because it has made my review days with my daughter so much easier. Before I collected everything myself and wrote everything myself along with working full time as well. Thank you so so much!

    1. samutsamot_mom

      Thank you, Joyce, for supporting my blog! A few people have already expressed their desire to donate. I’m working on a spin-off website where I’ll be able to add a Donate button. In the meantime, I’m happy to help teachers, tutors, and mommies. Comments like yours keep me going. Best regards!

  5. Gen

    You are a life saver! We have been using your worksheets since grade 1. We are now in grade 4. Thank you so much.🤗

  6. random10thinker17

    hi..i’m a tutor for elementary kids studying in private schools. being exposed to speaking in english even as toddlers, most of them could hardly understand the “panitikan” in their Filipino subject. your site has always been of a great help to me, and to them, as i prepare them for their quarterly exams..thank you, thank you so much

  7. aileen dumandan

    Thanks a lot. . . You really an angel

  8. angie

    thank you!gamit na gamit ko ito kahit sa mga high school students ko.

  9. marie

    Good day. masaya ako at nagagamit ko ng mga ginagawa nyo pong worksheet, yung book po kasi na ginagamit namin ay konti lang ang seatwork buti na lang at napagsha2re kayo sa amin ng ganito. God bless you! 🙂

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  11. lyn

    thanks so much! you are such an angel….been using your worksheets since grade 2 as referred by my friend and I had so much use for it. now, my daughter was invited for a step-up program, and the more I need to help her do advance reading and exercises. do you also have posts for other subjects?
    May God bless you with good health and a loving heart !

    1. samutsamot_mom

      You’re welcome, Lyn! Congratulations to your daughter! Unfortunately, I only have Filipino lesson sheets and worksheets on this blog. I have not yet started making worksheets for Sibika at Kultura since I’m homeschooling my daughter. There are a lot of free worksheets for English and Math available online though. What subjects are you interested in?

      1. Marica

        Interested also about Social Studies and more Science (Organs of the body, functions etc.). Most I find online are “paid”.. looking for Free ones 🙂 Daughter is Grade 4.

  12. Gabriel E. Bermejo

    Thank you very much for such a wonderful work. You save my life. I’m a father and tutoring my child. This site helps me a lot. Mabuhay ka! Maraming salamat sayo at sa mga taong katulad mo na handang tumulong sa iba na walang kapalit.

    1. samutsamot_mom

      Walang anuman, Gabriel! Salamat din sa paggamit mo ng worksheets ko.

      1. Cris

        Thanks for this.. Now I can use it as an activity sheets for my Grade five students. Filipino lang kasi ang walang workbook.. dahil dito pwede ko ng itapon ang ilang MP ko sa aparador

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