Pangngalang Tahas at Basal

Nouns in Filipino may be classified as pangngalang tahas or pangngalang basal. These are concrete and abstract nouns in English. The files below deal with distinguishing these two types of nouns.

You may print and distribute or share these files to others, but please do not do so for profit.

1. Mga Uri ng Pangngalan Ayon sa Konsepto: This is a 5-page pdf file that describes the difference between pangngalang tahas and pangngalang basal. It also has a table with examples of these two types of nouns. I made this for parents and teachers, but a fifth o sixth grader should be able to understand it.

2. Pagtukoy sa Uri ng Pangngalan Ayon sa Konsepto_1; Mga sagot sa Pagtukoy sa Uri ng Pangngalan Ayon sa Konsepto_1: This a 15-item worksheet that asks the student to circle a pangngalang tahas and underline a pangngalang basal in each sentence.

3. Pag-uuri-uri ng mga Pangngalan Ayon sa Konsepto_1: This worksheet asks the student to classify 24 nouns as pangngalang tahas or pangngalang basal. The second page is the anwer key.

4.  Mga Pangngalang Basal: This is a 3-page pdf file of a list of over 200 pangngalang basal or Filipino abstract nouns with their English translations. Note that a few of these nouns may be used as pangngalang tahas depending on the context in which it is used. Refer to the first file for a discussion on this.

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