Kaganapan ng Pandiwa

One of the topics in my daughter’s Filipino subject for the third quarter is the kaganapan ng pandiwa or complement of the verb.

This post includes a discussion of this topic in English (with sample sentences in Filipino) and two worksheets on identifying the kaganapan ng pandiwa in a sentence and identifying its type.

1. Kaganapan ng Pandiwa: This is a 6-page pdf file that explains in English the seven types of kaganapan ng pandiwa (tagaganap, layon, tagatanggap, kagamitan, sanhi, ganapan, at direksiyonal). I made this for parents and teachers.

2. Pagtukoy sa Kaganapan ng Pandiwa_1; Mga sagot sa Pagtukoy sa Kaganapan ng Pandiwa_1: This is a 10-item worksheet that asks the student to underline the kaganapan ng pandiwa and identify its type.

3. Pagtukoy sa Uri ng Kaganapan ng Pandiwa_1; Mga sagot sa Pagtukoy sa Uri ng Kaganapan ng Pandiwa_1: This is a 20-item worksheet that asks the student to identify the type of the underlined kaganapan ng pandiwa. The answer key provides explanations for several of the items.

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  1. phamlet

    Thank you for this wonderful lesson. The other sites weren’t so helpful as they have deep tagalog terminologies but this one is smooth in transition. Anyway, Kudos to the creator.

  2. Cristina Lazona

    I would like to thank for these worksheets it helps me a lot in my summative test. Kaya lang,why dont you try also doing “Pagbasa worksheets” para sa mga bata.

    1. samutsamot_mom

      Hi, Cristina! Thank you for dropping by my blog. You’re not the first one to request for reading comprehension worksheets in Filipino. I know that there is a need for those. It’s been on my Wish List/To Do List for my blog for some time now but homeschooling my daughter is a priority (Yes, we’re homeschooling part-time during the summer) and blogging has taken a back seat for a while. I’ll see if I can squeeze making comprehension worksheets in between house chores and teaching. Thanks again for your support!

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