Aralin sa Pagbubuo ng mga Salita (Pagtatambal/Tambalan)

Here is a list of examples of Filipino compound words (mga tambalang salita).  The English definitions of the compound words are also given. The list is incomplete, but I hope you will find it helpful. Please write a comment if you find any errors in the file or if you would like me to add more compound words to the list.

Pagbubuo ng mga Salita_Tambalan

Below are two worksheets (and their answers) on Tambalang Salita.

Tambalang Salita_1 , Mga sagot sa Tambalang Salita_1 : Students are asked to choose from a list the appropriate Filipino compound word (tambalang salita) to complete a sentence. This 2-page pdf worksheet has 25 items.

Tambalang Salita_2 , Mga sagot sa Tambalang Salita_2 : Students are asked to select the second word to complete a Filipino compound word (tambalang salita). They can choose from a list of given words. This 1-page pdf worksheet has 20 items.

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    Thank you, your worksheets helped me a lot in teaching my child, very appropriate for a working mom 🙂 God bless

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