New Resources Page: Mga Kuwento

I've added a new page under the main menu item Resources. The 'Mga Kuwento' page shows a list of links to Samut-samot blog posts that feature original stories in Filipino or stories translated in Filipino. You can get to the page by clicking 'Resources' on the site's main menu and selecting 'Mga Kuwento.' This page will be updated every time I publish a post with a story. Happy reading!

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Matching Cards: Mga Bagay na Magkapares

I've made a set of matching cards with objects that usually go together. There are eight cards or four matching pairs in each page. Cut the cards using the thin lines as guides and mix them up. Ask the child to read each card (the labels are in Filipino) and match them to the card with the object that usually goes with it. You can also ask the child to color the images before doing the matching activity. The matching pairs included in this set are as follows: mesa at upuan (table and chair)plato at kutsara at tinidor (plate and spoon and fork)kama at unan (bed and pillow)sipilyo at toothpaste (toothbrush and toothpaste)kalan at kawali (stove and pan)pandilig at halaman (watering can and plant)blusa at palda (blouse and skirt)sapatos at medyas (shoes and socks)plantsa at plantsahan (iron and ironing board)martilyo at pako (hammer and nail)karayom at sinulid (needle and thread)kandado…

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Mga Isinusuot Clip Art Set

I've added a new clip art set to the Clip Art Resources. It includes clip art images (transparent PNG files) of various pieces of clothing and accessories. The clip art image files are named in Filipino. The set includes Mga Damit (Clothes) and Mga Bagay na Isinusuot (Things That are Worn or Accessories). The clip art images included in each set are listed below. Mga Damit (Clothes) amerikana (jacket portion of a suit)bestida (dress)blusa (blouse)dyaket (jacket)kalsonsilyo or brip (briefs): The term kalsonsilyo is not commonly used. The more common term used nowadays is brip which comes from 'briefs.'kamisadentro (button up shirt with long sleeves): The term kamisadentro is not commonly used. Some people would describe this type of clothing as 'polo na mahaba ang manggas' (polo with long sleeves).kamiseta (T-shirt)kapote (raincoat)maong na pantalon (jeans)padyama (pajamas)palda (skirt)pantalon (pants or trousers)panti (panty)polo o polosirt (button up shirt with short sleeves): The term…

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New Clip Art Page

Hello, everyone! To our new subscribers, welcome to Samut-samot!  I'm all for supporting educators, so I'd like to let you know that I've added a new page on my blog where you can download the clip art images I made. You may find the Clip Art page under Resources on the Main Menu above. Click the down arrow beside 'Resources' and click on 'Clip Art'. Please read the Clip Art Terms of Use before downloading the zipped folder with the clip art images. For now, I've uploaded my first set, a set of fruits clip art image files in transparent PNG format (black and white only). Below is a sample of the clip art images. A sample of the fruits clip art images You may use these clip art images for making your teaching materials. If you have made a teaching material using these clip art images and you want…

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Tula: Maglaro Tayo!

Here's a Filipino poem I wrote about games Filipino children play. And I don't mean digital games. Feel free to use it in any way you want for your students. You can ask them to memorize the poem, present a choral poetry performance, or maybe use it in a skit. Or you can simply post it on your bulletin board for your students to read. The image below is the first part of the poem. The poem has two pages. I also provided another page where you can find the entire poem. The first page of the PDF file contains its Terms of Use. Downloading the PDF file means you agree to abide by these terms. The clip art images and fonts used in this product are owned by the artists mentioned in the Credits Page of the PDF file. The clip art images used in this product are by…

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