Cut and Paste/Cover Activity: Mga Katulong sa Pamayanan

A cut and paste (or cover) activity has two pages. One page has illustrations that correspond to words or descriptions on another page. The learner can cut the illustrations and use them to paste over (or cover) the correct corresponding word or description on the other page. The activity I made is about community helpers in Filipino (mga katulong sa pamayanan). There are two sets of the cut-and-paste activity in the PDF file below. One set has the common nouns for the community helpers (e.g., guro, doktor, nars, bumbero, etc.) and the other set has descriptions of what the community helper does.

Set 1
Set 2

If you would like to reuse the illustrations, I recommend that you laminate the cut illustration or cover both sides of it with transparent tape so that they are flexible and would be more sturdy than paper. If you laminate or tape the illustrations, the learner would cover the word/description instead of pasting them.

Please read the Terms of Use on the first two pages of the PDF file. If you download this file, it is understood that you agree to abide by the Terms of Use. You may not upload the PDF file in another website (like Scribd) or share it with others as an attachment in an email. Please just give them the link to this post.

The clip art images in this PDF file are by Little Red. Click the logo below to go to her online shop at

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  1. Melody chavez

    Maraming salamat po napaka laking tulong.

  2. wendy

    Thank you! very useful!

  3. Jojo Telus

    Hello Teacher Pia! I am very thankful with your resources.
    Your blog is a great help too for the Filipino teachers.
    More power to you!

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