Mga Pinakakaraniwang Salita sa Filipino

I was working on a new series for beginning readers of Filipino when I got the idea of making a list of common Filipino words. I did a quick internet search and found some sites which showed several lists of Filipino sight words as well as common Filipino words. The result of my search is the 4-page PDF file below with a list of more than 800 common Filipino words, including Filipino sight words, which I've compiled. The words are arranged according to the number of letters in the word. For each group, the words are arranged alphabetically (according to the Filipino alphabet). The words are not arranged according to the parts of speech. Words with two or more syllables are syllabicated and the syllabicated words are in parentheses. See the image of the first page below. Teachers and parents can use this list as a basis for making vocabulary…

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Magbasa Tayo!: Ang Bagyo

Happy new year to all! Here's another installment to my Magbasa Tayo! series. Our region was recently hit by typhoon Tisoy, leaving most of the provinces without power for many days, so this reading passage was inspired by that. If you would like to see more short reading passages, you may type the phrase "magbasa tayo" in the Search box on the right. Click on the title or the download button below to open the PDF file in another tab. Please read the Terms of Use on the first two pages of the PDF file. If you download the file, it is understood that you have agreed to abide by the Terms of Use. Ang-Bagyo

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Magbasa Tayo!: Ang Larawan ni Tina

Here's a short Filipino reading passage for beginning readers. An activity sheet follows the reading passage. Please abide by the Terms of Use indicated in the PDF file. You may not distribute this file or printed copies of it for profit. Clip art images are from Little Red's Clip Art and Krista Wallden-Creative Clips. Ang-Larawan-ni-Tina

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Pag-ugnay ng Salita sa Larawan

Hello and welcome to the new subscribers of Samut-samot! Thank you for subscribing. I encourage you to browse my blog posts by clicking on BLOG on the main menu if you want to view other posts with worksheets. To help you find particular worksheets, you may also type in the Filipino topic (for example, pangngalan) in the Search box to find related posts. You can also click on a category or tag from the list of Categories and Tags on the right (scroll down). The link below opens a PDF file with four worksheets. In each worksheet, the student is asked to write the number of the word that corresponds to the drawing of an object or animal. The student is also instructed to color the drawings. These worksheets test the student's Filipino vocabulary. The PDF file includes worksheets on the following topics: Mga Pagkain (Food), Mga Hayop (Animals), Mga…

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Maze ng Alpabeto

I found a few worksheets and activity sheets which I created months ago but was not able to post. This is one of them. Below is the link to the PDF file with two Filipino alphabet activity sheets. The student is asked to color the letters of the Filipino alphabet in the correct order. Terms of Use are included in the PDF file. If you download the PDF file, it is understood that you will abide by the Terms of Use. Ang Maze ng AlpabetoDownload

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