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Hello to all! I’ve recently added a new page under the Resources menu item. The new page called “Reading Passages” features the PDF files with reading passages and poems that I’ve posted on this blog. Just click the down arrow next to Resources on the top menu and select Reading Passages.

Since many families might be looking for online resources while under quarantine, I thought I would recommend a few.

1. Teacher Abi’s Worksheets

If you want more resources in Filipino, Teacher Abi has posted a lot of free resources on her blog. She has modules with reading passages and comprehension questions, as well as other activities. This is a great source of teaching materials for parents and teachers.

2. Super Teacher Worksheets

This was my go-to site for English worksheets when I was homeschooling my daughter many years ago, when they used to be free. Now they offer worksheets for other subjects as well. Members get access to all the worksheets, but they still have a lot of free ones available for download even if you are not a member. Check out their Worksheet Generator by scrolling down to see the entire left side bar of the website.


This is also another site where you can download free worksheets on a variety of subjects including Science, Math, Social Studies, Reading and Writing, etc.

4. K12 Reader

This site offers free English language worksheets on spelling, reading, grammar, vocabulary, and composition. No need to register.

5. Math Drills

This is another one of my favorite sites when I was homeschooling. With over 57,000 free math worksheets, this site offers free downloadable math worksheets with no frills. You’ll be using this site until your child is in high school. No need to register. Click on the Math Worksheets on the top menu and select a math topic.

6. The Pond Coloring Club

If you’re looking for cute coloring pages for younger kids, you can join the Free Coloring Club to access cute coloring sheets. You need to register with an email and create a password for your account.

7. Raising Our Kids

This site has coloring pages showing kids from other countries. Just click the image, then right-click it to copy or save it.

8. Q is for Quilter

For more coloring pages of kids all over the world, go to the site, click on Children’s Books from the top menu and select a book with illustrations. If you click on an illustration, it will appear and on the image, you just right-click and Copy or Save Image.

Please make sure you read the Terms of Use in a site if they have any. Most free resources are always for personal and home use only. I hope you find some resources from these websites. If you want to recommend other websites, please do so by leaving a comment.

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