Flip Cards: Mga Bahagi ng Mukha at Katawan

There’s been an increase in interest on online learning using platforms such as Boom Learning, which requires you to be online in order to access the activities. To address the need to be online, I’ve created a downloadable interactive PowerPoint show that students can use even without an internet connection. (Of course, you need to download it on your device first.)

I made a PowerPoint show with a set of flip cards on the parts of the face and body in Filipino. The learner is asked to say the name of the face or body part before clicking the flip card. Once clicked, the card will flip to reveal the name for the body part. The image below shows what a slide will look like before and after clicking a flip card. This is only a sample, so I only made two slides with a total of 12 flip cards. The file is a little over 4 MB. You need to have PowerPoint installed in your device in order to open the file.

Below is a link to a Google Drive folder with two PowerPoint Show files, one is for older pre-2007 versions of PowerPoint (.pps) and the other is for newer post-2007 versions (.ppsx). Select the file appropriate for you. Right-click the file and select Download.

Once downloaded, you can double-click the file and the PowerPoint Show will automatically start. If you want to restart the game, just press the left or up arrows on your keyboard to go back to the first slide. If you open the file from PowerPoint, you can just start the slideshow to start the game.

Please read the Terms of Use on the last slide of the show. If you download the file, it means that you agree to abide by those terms.

Google Drive Folder: Free Flip Cards

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