Digital Flashcards: Mga Pagkain

WARNING: The files I’ve linked in this post are large files (two of them are over 42 MB). Please check the file size before downloading it if you are watching the amount of data you are consuming.

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Now about this post. Yesterday, I purchased some graphics from Prettygrafix design and I used PowerPoint to make digital flashcards. The slides display 20 kinds of food and their names. The learner can just click the slide or tap the right part of the slide to go to the next slide. A slide looks like the image below. For those who don’t know yet, Oliotopia is the name of my TeachersPayTeachers online store.

The clip art and patterns in the presentations and PDF are by Prettygrafix design. You can go to their online store by clicking the logo below. They’ve got lots of really cute image freebies (colored) you can download.

The title font is by Amy Groesbeck and the the top ribbon is by Megan Favre. You may click the logo or link below to go to their online stores.

I Teach What’s Your Superpower-Megan Favre

The digital flashcard files are Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show Presentations. You can only open them if you have Microsoft PowerPoint on your desktop or laptop. You can also download them on your mobile phone if you have an app that can display PowerPoint files. I’ve posted two versions of the presentation: one for PowerPoint versions that are pre-2007 (.pps file) and one for PowerPoint versions that are post-2007 (.ppsx file). I’ve also included a PDF, but it is only for on-screen viewing and not for printing.

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  7. The artists in the Credits Page own the copyrights to the clip art, patterns, and fonts used in this resource. The owner of Samut-samot and Oliotopia has purchased their work for commercial use. It is also a violation of their copyrights if you copy or extract their work from this resource.

Below is the link to my Google Drive folder with three files. Once there, select the file version you want by right-clicking and selecting Download. Take note of the file size indicated in the titles below before downloading.

Google Drive Folder: Mga Pagkain

  1. Mga Pagkain_PowerPoint 97-2003 Show.pps (42.6 MB) (older versions of PowerPoint)
  2. Mga Pagkain_PowerPoint Show.ppsx (42.3 MB) (newer versions of PowerPoint)
  3. Mga Pagkain.pdf (8.7 MB)

If you just want the PDF file (8.7 MB), click the link below.

I’d like to know what you think of the PowerPoint shows, so leave a comment. If you think the PDF file is enough because of the smaller file size, please leave a comment, too. Want to suggest other topics for similar digital flashcards? Leave a comment. Note that I can only make resources if I have the clip art for them. Thanks!

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