Pabula: Ang Pangako ni Lolo Pedro

Below is a PDF file with a fable that I’ve written about an old turtle keeping his promise. The story has four pages with illustrations. It’s actually an easy read because some of the dialogue is repeated.

After the story, there are two pages with 10 multiple-choice questions and one short answer question for the student.

The story and all the illustrations are by Samut-samot Mom.

The story is for personal and classroom use only. You may print and distribute it to your children or students, but you may not do so for profit or use it for any commercial purpose. You also may not upload the PDF file or any part of it in any other website such as (but not limited to) Scribd or SlideShare, or cloud storage sites such as (but not limited to) Google Drive or Dropbox.

Click on the link below, not the image, to open the file in another tab. Happy reading!

Pabula: Ang Pangako ni Lolo Pedro



2 thoughts on “Pabula: Ang Pangako ni Lolo Pedro

  1. Alexie September 28, 2016 / 9:44 am

    Hi! Your lessons and worksheets are a blessing! Thank you very much. My daughter enjoys the challenge. More power to you! šŸ˜€

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