Alpabetong Filipino Handwriting Worksheets (Part 2)

This is a new version of the Filipino alphabet handwriting worksheets I made in 2012.  This 7-page pdf file aims to help a child practice writing the 28 letters of the Filipino alphabet.  Each page has four letters and each letter is accompanied by a word (and its illustration) that begins with or uses the letter. Thumbnails of the worksheets are shown below.

All illustrations in this set of worksheets are by samutsamot_mom.  You may distribute these worksheets for your students or children.  You may not copy or distribute these worksheets for profit.  If you click the link below, you will download all seven pages of the pdf file.

Alpabetong Filipino_2









13 thoughts on “Alpabetong Filipino Handwriting Worksheets (Part 2)

  1. this is is very helpful site for teaching my son who’s currently in kindergarten. thank you so much. site bookmarked.

  2. maraming salamat po… malaking tulong po eto para sa anak ko..he’s in kinder 2.. we used it as a reviewer .. GOD BLESS PO..

  3. thank you for posting a very educating activities like this. It really helps my daughter in her schooling… ❤

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